Rules and Policies of Canada Visa

    Canada is considered to be one of the most welcoming countries, and often issues visa for travellers willing to visit for the purpose of leisure, work or certain. However, like in the case of almost all other countries, the immigration department of Canada has laid down certain rules and policies in a bid to regulate the grant of Canada Visa to foreign nationals. Let us take a look at the same.

    As per the laws of the land, any foreign national wishing to enter Canada, is required to apply for a temporary resident visa from the Canadian Embassy in his/her own country. This, however, is only applicable for citizens belonging to any of the countries which doesn’t fare in the list of the 51 Visa exempt nations. In addition, a traveller holding a US passport or any other proof of permanent residence in the US.

    All travellers who require a Visa for entering Canada must obtain an eTA (electronic Travel Authorisation), if arriving the country by air.

    More often than not, it is required to prove to immigration officers that they have strong ties back in their homeland, in context of financial holdings, relatives, residential property etc. in order to apply for Canada Visa for Indians.

    In addition, the traveller may be required to give a proof of his good health. Moreover, in some cases a medical exam might also be advised.

    For travellers willing to visit a family member or friend, a letter of invitation might be required.

    Travellers who board a flight that either originates in the United States, or travels to US and halts in Canda for the purpose of refuelling are not mandated to obtain a Canada Visa Online. In addition, travellers on a flight that needs to make an emergency landing on Canadian Territory also do not need an eTA.

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