Business Visa to Sri Lanka

    Business tycoons can look for opportunities in all spheres. Every country offers different sets of business opportunities. This depends on the demographics, financial conditions, and geographic location of the nation. If you are considering about exploring business opportunities in Sri Lanka, you have to apply for Sri Lanka business visa. What are the guidelines and the procedure for obtaining Sri Lanka business visa? Let us have a look at these in this article.

    When you wish to start a business venture in Sri Lanka, your purpose of the visit should be business related. You will apply for Sri Lanka business visa that entitles you to participate in business meetings, conferences, and negotiations. This way, you will be able to pursue as well as persuade for the business growth.

    Sri Lanka business visa is issued for a short-term stay. You have the permit to reside in Sri Lanka for maximum up to 90 days. You have to apply for the visa at the High Commission or Embassy of Sri Lanka in the residing country. Although there are no interviews, but under certain circumstances, interviews may be scheduled. Otherwise, you just have to provide valid documents, submit visa fee, and wait for the visa application to get processed.

    Note - We do not provide Work visa.

    Requirements for Sri Lanka Business Visa
    • Valid Passport – You should possess a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka. This is applicable for all types of visas, including business visa. Also, there should be one unused visa page in the passport.
    • Application Form – You need to fill the application form with correct details. There is a separate business application form for obtaining specific information regarding your business motive.
    • Passport-sized photograph – You have to submit two passport-sized photographs. These should be recently clicked, colored or black and white, sharp and clear.
    • Invitation letter – The company or organization in Sri Lanka will issue the invitation letter. This will be required for recommending the issuance of Sri Lanka business visa to the applicant.
    • Request Letter – This will be issued by the company or organization in the residing country of the applicant. This letter will enclose details such as the position of the applicant, financial status of the applicant, type of business, accommodation information in Sri Lanka, the itinerary for the trip, duration of the stay, etc.
    • Visa Fee – Along with the business visa application form and valid documents, you have to deposit the visa fee as well. There are different slabs according to the type of stay and different types of visas. The two types of visa are – single-entry and multiple-entry.

    If you are seeking work permit or resident visa, the concerned company or organization in Sri Lanka will submit an application regarding the same. If you are visiting Sri Lanka on any visa other than the business visa, you are not entitled to conduct any business proceedings. The Sri Lanka business visa application processing takes minimum 10 working days.

    As the rules and guidelines listed above, you can apply for Sri Lanka Tourist visa.

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