Mumbai to Madrid Flights

    Travelling between countries can either be a boon or bane especially when one takes international flight tickets into consideration. Boon because travelling can open up new possibilities and help you discover new locations and bane because flight tickets can be an expensive affair. Cheap international flights and cheap domestic flight tickets are a reality which you can make use of especially if you plan you travel well in advance. The Internet has opened up a whole gamut of possibilities to acquire cheap flight tickets online as hordes of travel sites and agencies now offer tickets at very attractive prices.

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    About Mumbai

    Famed for its highly efficient rail network, Mumbai is famed for its 465-kilometer network which carries almost seven million passengers a day. The love for its scrumptious street food, the penchant for everything fashionable, the flair for performing arts and the aim of becoming successful are some of the few factors that pulls people to this wondrous city.

    About the airport for Mumbai Flights

    Spread over an incredibly large area of 1,850 acres, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport handles close to 780 aircraft movements every day. Essentially a landmark and a gateway to this iconic city, Mumbai’s airport speaks volumes about this enchanting city while mirroring the city’s penchant for an opulent and fast-paced style of living.

    Mumbai Airport Address

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Andheri-East, Mumbai-400 099.

    About Madrid

    The capital city of Spain, Madrid also enjoys the position of being the largest in the country. Known for its artistic heritage, and a vivid cultural background, Madrid never fails to charm its visitors with its old city charm and archaic magnificence. Boasting of an exuberant nightlife, this city sure knows how to strike the right chord with tourists.

    About the Airport for Madrid Flights

    Inaugurated back in the year 1928, the Madrid-Barajas Airport today stands as one of the most significant aviation centres in Europe. Located at a convenient distance of 9 kms from Madrid’s financial district, the airport boast of a remarkable land area spanning 7,500 acres.

    Madrid Airport Address

    Madrid-Barajas Airport Av de la Hispanidad, s/n, 28042 Madrid, Spain

    What is the frequency of flights from Mumbai to Madrid?

    The frequency of flights from Mumbai to Madrid is quite high with carriers like Jet Airways, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Iberia Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Alitalia all plying between these two destinations thus implying easy availability of flights.

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