Mangalore Airport

    Earlier known as the Bajpe Airport, Mangalore International Airport is situated at a distance of 7 km from the city centre. Inaugurated in the year 1951, this airport is located on a hilltop and was the first to house two table-top runways.

    While it earlier offered flight operations to only two cities namely Mumbai and Bangalore, post its renovation in the early 2000s, it now offers regular flight services to Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam as well. However, it was granted its ‘International Status’ only in the year 2006, after which it has been catering to flight services to and from Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat and Abu Dhabi.

    The airport is home to a new integrated terminal which serves both domestic as well as international carriers. This terminal is designed to handle over 500 passengers at any given point in time.

    The old terminal of the airport is dedicated to the operations of charter flights to the city of Madina in Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrims.

    Mangalore Airport Address

    Bajpe Airport ,Airport interior Rd, Mangalore, Karnataka, India



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