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    About Bangalore

    Bangalore is one of the finest cities in South India. Often termed as the silicon valley of the subcontinent region, Bangalore has grown to become the biggest hub for information technology. Famous for its gardens, tourists are often attracted by its beautiful green spaces and its night life.

    About Airport for Bangalore flights

    The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is the primary airport of Karnataka. The IATA code for this airport is BLR. Located 40 km north of the city, the airport sprawls over 4,000 acres of land. In terms of passenger traffic, it is the third busiest airport in India after the Mumbai and Delhi airports.

    Airport address

    Kempegowda International Airport- Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300

    About Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city and the capital of UAE. Abu Dhabi is an amazing blend of progression with tradition and has a rich history making it a fascinating tourist destination. The city with an Arabian reflection has shown heavy development and urbanization in the recent past. This advanced metropolis is a melting pot of various cultures, along with being an important commercial hub.

    About Airport for Abu Dhabi flights

    The Abu Dhabi International Airport has three operational terminals which cater to both domestic as well as international flights. More than 30 airlines connect Abu Dhabi to the rest of the world (as many as 60 countries). Plenty of services are provided for the convenience of the passengers.

    Airport address

    Abu Dhabi International Airport- Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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