There may be some people not interested in travel because of the perception that traveling is a hassle, expensive and stressful. The reason could also be that pets have to be looked after and no one is around to help. No longer is the perception true. Today’s world is replete with organizations that make travel a pleasure, inexpensive and many events can be packed into a short trip. These organizations tend to suggest budget holidays with cheap international flights and consequently cheap flight tickets. The doubting Thomas of a traveler must shed the doubts and quickly get on to an international flight to enjoy a good holiday or a vacation.

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    About Coimbatore

    Coimbatore is the second largest city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is among the fastest growing tier-II cities in India. The city throws up several intriguing facts that sets the city apart from other similar cities. The city is known as the ‘pump city’ on account of the fact that the city produces almost 50% of all pumps and motors produced in India.

    About the Airport for Coimbatore Flights

    The Coimbatore International Airport serves the city of Coimbatore. The airport is situated 8 miles away to the east northeast from the city center. The airport is evolving with two international carriers and six domestic carriers operating from the airport.

    Coimbatore Airport Address

    Coimbatore International Airport Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641014

    About Singapore

    Singapore is a tiny country known as the city-state as the city is the country. Singapore has developed into a great city-state ever since the city was set up as a trading post in 1819. The city scores heavily on all parameters pertaining to governance. Among the many accolades the city has received the most satisfying one is the UN Development Index according to which the city is number 1 in Asia and eleventh in the world.

    About the Airport for Singapore Flights

    Singapore Changi Airport is rated as the best airport in the world. The airport lies 15 miles away to the east of the city center. The airport is among the busiest airports in the world handling a traffic of 59 million passengers through 100 airlines flying to 400 cities of various countries.

    Singapore Airport Address

    Singapore Changi Airport, Airport Blvd, Singapore

    What is the frequency of flights from Coimbatore to Singapore?

    Coimbatore and Singapore are linked by 7 direct flights every week.

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