There may be some skeptics who rightly think international flights are expensive. But the same skeptics would be pleasantly surprised when a little online research reveals that cheap international flights are offered by almost all carriers. A little more intensive search and cheap flight tickets can be found and booked. One could be on the way to experience the place chosen for travel. Planning for travel is an essential part of one’s preparation process to ensure no untoward events occur later in an unfamiliar environment. After all, one is traveling to enjoy the experience and not to troubleshoot.

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    About Delhi

    Delhi became the capital of India in the year 1911 when the capital was shifted from Calcutta. The city is an amalgam of the old and the new with Mughal architecture dominating the Old Delhi area and Lutyen’s architecture dominating the New Delhi area. While Old Delhi is traditional and suffocating, New Delhi is well planned with modern amenities and huge extensions.

    About the Airport for Delhi Flights

    Indira Gandhi International Airport, named after India’s popular Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, lies 7 miles away to the southeast from New Delhi. The airport has become a premier airport in the whole of Asia operating on an area in excess of 5,000 acre. The airport is gearing up to handle 100 million passengers by the year 2030.

    Delhi Airport Address

    Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037, India

    About Atlanta

    Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, a southeastern U.S. state. The city is a thriving city established in 1837 from the ravages of the American Civil War. Atlanta is a center for commerce with a GDP of US$270 billion. The city is host to the busiest airport in the world. Besides air traffic, Atlanta is also a transportation hub for rail and road transport.

    About the Airport for Atlanta Flights

    Atlanta is served by the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport located 7 miles to the south of downtown Atlanta. The airport holds some interesting records having handled over 100 million passengers per year and 1 million aircraft movements per year. The airport is a hub for Delta Air Lines, reported to be the largest hub in the world.

    Atlanta Airport Address

    Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320, USA

    What is the frequency of flights from Delhi to Atlanta?

    There are 14 one-stop flights a week between Delhi and Atlanta. Flight time ranges between 22 hours and 31 hours.

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