Some of us travel to enjoy a leisurely time with our loved ones, whereas some people amongst us take a sojourn to explore the innumerable terrains of the world, to dive deeper into the oceans and taste the thrill that it offers and to experience life in its most enticing and enthralling form. Whatever may be the reason we chose to travel, afact that cannot be denied is that we are almost always on the lookout for ways to ensure that our traveling costs are kept to the minimum. For what it’s worth, cheap international flights help us do just that. Thanks to the readily available cheap flight tickets, taking an international flight to reach the destination of our choice doesn’t dig a hole in our pockets anymore!

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    About Delhi

    An incredibly expansive union territory, Delhi spans over a whopping 1,484 square kilometres! Enjoying its position as the National Capital of India, the city bustles with a remarkable population of over 25 million people! With an alluring rustic charm that can be experienced in the narrow alleys of Old Delhi, one can also revel in some of the finest of infrastructure, high-rise offices, plush restaurants and lavish shopping centres in the newer parts of this Metropolitan Wonder!

    About the Airport for Delhi Flights

    Getting its name from the first female Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the Delhi airport offers magnificent interiors and an awe-inspiring architecture, which when combined perfectly represent the essence of India’s deep-rooted culture and its unprecedented technological advancement.

    Delhi Airport Address

    Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

    About Los Angeles

    Known for its celebrated ‘Hollywood’ sign, Los Angeles is the hub of the US film and television industry. This Californian city ranks 2nd in the United States with respect to its population. With sun-kissed beaches and high mountains, this city offers a mesmerising spectacle!

    About the Airport for Los Angeles Flights

    One of USA’s largest international airport, the Los Angeles Airport also known as the ‘Gateway to the Pacific Rim’ offers flattering connectivity to both, Asia and Latin America.

    Los Angeles Airport Address

    Los Angeles International Airport 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

    What is the frequency of flights from Delhi to Los Angeles?

    Thanks to the remarkable frequency of 70 weekly flights between these two destinations, planning a trip is rather convenient.

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