If you’ve always longed to be a global nomad but were always put off by the high costs of international flights, don’t hold back any longer. Today, various international carriers offer a host of cheap international flights to a number of international destinations, including India’s capital city. Musafir.com aggregates the best cheap international flights to enable a seamless holiday travel experience for you and your family.

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    About Shanghai

    The largest and most developed city in Mainland China, Shanghai is rapidly emerging as a popular tourist hub. Split into two by the Huangpu River, Shanghai offers visitors a fascinating blend of the traditional and the modern. Here, expect to see traditional Chinese structures right next to art deco buildings, and make sure to take the time to explore Shanghai’s several tourist-friendly attractions, including museums, theme parks, beaches and historic temples.

    About the Airport for Shanghai Flights

    Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the more prominent international airport in Shanghai and China’s major aviation hub. Located 30 km east of the city centre, the airport has two main passenger terminals and four parallel runways. About half of the total passenger traffic received by the Shanghai Pudong International Airport comprises international travellers.

    Shanghai Airport Address

    Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 Yingbin Expy, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China – 201202

    About Delhi

    Delhi is India’s capital city and the seat of its administrative, legislative and judiciary functions. One of the oldest cities, not only in India but also around the world, Delhi has a curious mix of the old and the new, as evinced by its several tourist-friendly attractions that encompass museums, galleries, historic structures, and vivid arts and cultural scene.

    About the Airport for Delhi Flights

    Indira Gandhi International Airport, named for the former Prime Minister of India, is Delhi’s major airport and is located 16 km away from the city centre. As one of South Asia’s largest aviation hubs, Delhi serves 55 million passengers every year. The airport has two passenger terminals.

    Delhi Airport Address

    Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi, Delhi – 110037

    What is the frequency of flights from Shanghai to Delhi?

    The frequency of flights between Shanghai and Delhi is fair, with one flight operating between the two cities every day.

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