Travel is a double edged sword. Travel can expand one’s horizons, create new friendships, be a relaxation and give new experiences. However, travel can upset the daily rhythm in one’s life. Additionally, travel can also impinge on one’s budget especially if one is traveling with a family. Nevertheless, travel is made more affordable and comfortable with cheap international flights being made available by various airline companies. There are a plethora of online companies which offer cheap flight tickets for budget conscious travelers to book tickets for international flights.

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    About Chandigarh

    Chandigarh’s unique position as the capital of the two states of Haryana and Punjab is matched by another feature in respect of the city’s planning. Chandigarh is perhaps the first planned city in India. The city’s planning is recognized the world over. Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect, was the chief planner of the city and the efforts resulted in Chandigarh being named as the perfect city by BBC.

    About the Airport for Chandigarh Flights

    Chandigarh International Airport is situated 8 miles to the south of Sector 17. The airport is a spanking new airport with modern facilities having opened in October 2015. A feature of the airport is the terminal that is eco-friendly and is populated with plants inside giving a look and feel of a garden.

    Chandigarh Airport Address

    Chandigarh International Airport, Civil Air Terminal, Village Jhiurheri, Chandigarh, Punjab 160004

    About Dubai

    Dubai is perhaps the most happening city in the Middle East so much so that the city is hosting the World Expo 2020. Dubai is the principal and capital city of the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai’s economy is based on Western principles and from an oil-based one the economy has moved to the one based on financial services, real estate, aviation and tourism. Dubai is located to the north of the Emirate on the Persian Gulf coast.

    About the Airport for Dubai Flights

    Dubai International Airport is located 9 miles to the northeast of Dubai. Dubai’s importance as a commercial center is gauged by the fact that the airport is the busiest airport in the world handling 84 million international passengers and 418,220 aircraft movements.

    Dubai Airport Address

    Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    What is the frequency of flights from Chandigarh to Dubai?

    There are 7 non-stop flights a week and 28 one-stop flights a week to Dubai from Chandigarh.

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