Many people get put off by the idea of travel because leaving home for a few days is difficult. Probably, a sick person needs to be cared or exigencies of work may not permit vacation time. However, it is proved beyond doubt that travel to another place on holiday recharges the mind and body and a person is able to perform better after returning from vacation. Planning travel activities prior to undertaking the journey, more particularly in respect of international flights, is advisable to avoid embarrassment later. Early planning may even save some expenses as cheap flight tickets on cheap international flights may come one’s way.

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    About Chandigarh

    Chandigarh is the capital of two northwestern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. The city is regarded as a model of perfection with well planned layouts that can be navigated easily. The beauty of the city can be visually felt in the innovation used to design road intersections by growing seasonal flowers. Further, a rock garden is made to look beautiful by using only waste objects.

    About the Airport for Chandigarh Flights

    South of Sector 17 is Chandigarh International Airport situated 8 miles away. The airport reflects the aura of Chandigarh city as a well planned city. The airport is easy to navigate and arrivals and departures are a pleasant experience amidst green surroundings.

    Chandigarh Airport Address

    Chandigarh International Airport, Civil Air Terminal, Village Jhiurheri, Chandigarh, Punjab 160004

    About Singapore

    The small island-state of Singapore is a model city that many other cities in the world try to emulate. Tourists throng to this beautiful city not only for its wonderful hospitality but also for the great shopping experience. Besides shopping the city is known to be the second largest gambling center with a number of casinos dotting the city.

    About the Airport for Singapore Flights

    Lying 15 miles away to the east of the city center, Singapore’s Changi Airport is a thoroughly functioning and aesthetically pleasing airport that other airports want to copy. The airport is perhaps the only airport in the world winning as many as 533 awards since the year 1981.

    Singapore Airport Address

    Singapore Changi Airport, PO Box 168, Singapore – 918146

    What is the frequency of flights from Chandigarh to Singapore?

    There are no direct flights to Singapore from Chandigarh. However, connecting flights to cities that fly to Singapore directly are easily available.

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