It is only a vacation that has the power to help you easily get out of your dull routine and do things that you wouldn’t otherwise normally pay heed to when at home. Most of us plan to go on a holiday to leave our worries behind while also seeking that much-deserved break from work. In some cases, expensive international flight tickets can throw our holiday plans into jeopardy! However, we can overcome this hurdle by searching online for deals, and getting some incredible discounts especially on international flights which can be easily availed. This little effort always proves worthy of our time, simply by ensuring that we get the choicest international flights at affordable rates.

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    About Mumbai

    For those who wish to explore the incredible diversity that India boasts of, Mumbai is the place to be. With immigrants from all across the country, this city represents many communities which live together in complete harmony. It is for this very reason, that Mumbai is flushed with a wide variety of authentic Indian cuisines and flaunts a penchant for the best of fashion from all across the nation, not to mention the wide variety of languages one can get to hear!

    About the Airport for Mumbai Flights

    Used by over 50 airlines from all across the globe, the ChhatrapatiShivaji International Airport is one of the primary international gateways of India, next only to the Indira Gandhi Airport of Delhi.

    Mumbai Airport Address

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Andheri-East, Mumbai -400 099.

    About Shanghai

    Known for its astounding architectural marvels, the old-town of Shanghai spells a charm on its visitors. Its authentic Chinese cuisine, luxuriant shopping arenas, awe-inspiring art galleries and beaming nightlife ensures that the city has something for everyone.

    About the Airport for Shanghai Flights

    The major aviation hub of China, the Shanghai Pudong International Airport spans over a massive area of 40-square-kilometre. With two passenger terminals and three runways to its credit, the airport has an annual handling capacity of about 60 million passengers!

    Shanghai Airport Address

    Shanghai Pudong International Airport, S1 YingbinExpy, PudongXinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201202

    What is the frequency of flights from Mumbai to Shanghai?

    With as little as 5 weekly flights from Mumbai to Shanghai, the frequency is less than one would hope for.

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