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    About Nagpur

    Synonymous with its delicious oranges, Nagpur is located in the Vidarbha division and is also called the second capital of Maharashtra. Nagpur is at the very centre of the Indian subcontinent, which means that it is almost equidistant from all of India’s major metros. The city is famous for its historic landmarks that date back to the Maratha Empire and for its scenic vistas that offer excellent trekking opportunities.

    About the Airport for Nagpur Flights

    Nagpur is served by the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport that is named for the chief architect of the Indian constitution. The airport handles roughly 4,000 passengers every day and is connected to two international and 12 domestic destinations. The integrated terminal building services both domestic and international travellers.

    Nagpur Airport Address

    Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport Sonegaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440005

    About Doha

    Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is a rapidly-developing metropolis. The city is known for its several museums, forts and towers that are best viewed by the state-organized free Doha City Tours. The country also has a liberal scattering of malls and souks, offering interesting shopping opportunities.

    About the Airport for Doha Flights

    Doha is served by the Hamad International Airport, which began operations in 2014. The airport has one terminal that services both domestic and international travellers and two parallel runways designed for simultaneous take-offs and landings.

    Doha Airport Address

    Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar

    What is the frequency of flights from Nagpur to Doha?

    The frequency of flights between Nagpur and Doha is good with 53 flights operating between the two cities. Make sure to check these out on when reserving your cheap flight tickets.

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