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    All You Need to Know About Web Check-In With Air India

    Air India, is undoubtedly one of the largest and in fact, the most popular jetliners of India. With a market share of more than 16 percent, this airline helps connect passengers from India to five continents across the world. While the airline has always made tremendous efforts to keep its services both, affordable as well as convenient for the customers, it was the introduction of the web check-in service that helped the airline add more to the hassle free experience for passengers. This service has eliminated the need to stand in long queues at the airport. For all you know, the check-in formalities are now at your fingertips!

    About The Service

    Air India Web Check-In is a facility availed to those flyers who have a confirmed reservation with the airline. The service is meant to reduce the time taken for a person to board the flight after entering the airport. The facility can be typically availed anywhere between 48 to 2 hours, prior to the scheduled departure of any given flight. In this regard, all that is needed is a laptop or a smartphone along with a printer.

    Air India Web Check In can be easily done by simply visiting the carrier’s official website. Here, all one needs to do is provide certain details about the booking, that being done online check-in becomes a matter of a few clicks. The flyer can easily choose the preferred seat, after which domestic flyers are issued their boarding pass, while international flyers are provided with a confirmation slip which can be presented at the airport to get the boarding pass in a hassle-free manner.

    What You Should Know

    • For domestic flyers who have used the online check-in service of Air India, it is mandatory to carry the print out of the issued boarding pass.
    • If you’ve completed the web check-in formalities, Air India baggage rules allow you to drop your check-in luggage, if any, at the designated area and head straight to the security counter.
    • In case you have no check-in bags, you can simply head out for the security check and board your flight.
    • Flyers such as pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and senior citizens, who need special service requirements, do not qualify to use this service.
    • Travellers who use the web check-in services, are required to reach the airport at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

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