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    About Bhuj

    The land of Bhuj is a link between old and new civilization. When you embark on a tour to this capital city of Kutch you might miss out on many attractions; there are so many places to visit. Feast your eyes on the hall of mirrors, the bell tower, temples, and museums. Don’t forget the massive salt marsh of the Thar desert, the remnants of the Indus valley Civilization, the black mountain, the gorgeous embroidered garments, the beautiful seashore and of course pau bhaji for lunch. In short, the offbeat allure of Bhuj is unmistakable.

    About the airport for Bhuj flights

    The Shyamji Krishna Verma airport is a domestic airport with all the necessary facilities required by passengers. The frequency of flights to all metro cities in India is relatively good as it is the only connectivity for international trips.

    Bhuj Airport Address

    Shyamji Krishna Verma Bhuj Airport, Civil enclave, Bhuj – 370 001

    About Bangkok

    Yes, that foodie paradise has more to offer apart from yummy street food, and spicy Thai cuisine. Discover the intriguing story of every dazzling temple, spectacular palace, floating market, and colorful Chinatown. Don’t forget to hop on a tuk-tuk, the automatic rickshaw while exploring this mega-city.

    About the airport for Bangkok flights

    A beautiful and modern airport similar to a giant space station, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is located 30Kms south of Bangkok city. With two international terminals it serves business travelers and tourists alike. Free Wi-Fi, duty free shopping, children’s play area, spa corners are come facilities you can enjoy while waiting for your flight.

    Bangkok Airport address

    Suvarnabhumi Airport Bang Phil, Samut Prakarn, 10540 Bangkok, Thailand

    What is the frequency of flights from Bhuj to Bangkok?

    Bangalore and Frankfurt share an outstanding flight frequency with 169 weekly flights plying between these two cities.

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