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    The international flights between Chennai to Paris can be booked online. For the international flight tickets, you don’t have to wander from person to person to get the tickets booked. The online process is so easy and user-friendly that anyone can get facilitated.

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    About Chennai

    Chennai is the capital city of Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is located in the peninsula of India, at the southern end. It is a coastal region and surrounded by beautiful Indian ocean. The city experiences rainfall in September- October, opposite to what the whole country, because of its peculiar shape. The city is dedicated to the development of science and technology as the state has given brilliant scientists to the nation. The Kundunkulam nuclear power project is the landmark of the state.

    About the airport for Chennai flights

    The Chennai International airport is meant for both the international and domestic flights. Cheap international flights also fly from the airport, depending upon the time when the booking is made. The airport has 2 terminals, named after its former chief ministers, K Kamraj and C N Annadurai. The Chennai airport is the hub for Jet Airways, Aircoasta and spice jet.

    Airport Address

    GST Rd, Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600027.

    About Paris

    Paris is the beautiful capital city of France. Paris is situated on the bank of river seine. The city has many beautiful sculptures and towers. The Eiffel tower is the jewel in the crown of Paris. Pyramid of the louvre is the most shining pyramids who would ever come across. The urban population of Paris makes the city, the biggest in the European Union. Paris is known worldwide and visited maximum by the tourists for its beauty and shopping option.

    About the airport for Paris flights

    The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is the largest airport of France, named after the leader of a force during the second world war. It helps in connecting the city to other parts of the world.

    Airport Address

    95700 Roissy-en-France, France.

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