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    Details of Spain Visa from India

    Spain Visa Type Visa price
    Single Entry Spain Visa Rs 7,200*

    Your Spain Visa price includes

    • Consulate application fees
    • service fees

    Documents for Spain Visa application:

    • Original Passport with validity of minimum three months and two blank pages for visa stamp must be submitted by the applicant. The following also need to be submitted in addition to the above:
      i. Along with the Original passport, photocopies of all the pages of the current and previous passport, if any must be submitted.
      ii. Passports issued beyond 10 years will not be accepted by the Embassy
      iii. Attach all your old passports (if any).
    • One visa application form with two copies duly typed and signed on column 37 and 38 in blue ink only.
      The following forms also need to be duly filled, signed and submitted along with the application:
      i. Spain Authorisation Form
      ii. Spain Supplementary Form
      Please note: Applicant’s mobile number should be mentioned in the visa form as Embassy / Consulate can contact the applicant at any point of time during the visa processing.
    • Two recent passport size photographs with matte or semi-matte finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
      For Chennai: Two recent passport size photographs with glossy finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
      Please note: Photograph should not be more than 3 months old or scanned, stapled and should not be used in any of the previous visas.
    • Covering Letter from applicant on business letter head mentioning name, designation, passport number, purpose and duration of visit in brief. The letter should be duly signed by authorised signatory with company stamp and addressed to – The Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai
      Please note:
      i. Covering Letter on Letterhead if applicant is self-employed or on blank paper if employed.
      The sponsor has to furnish the following documents:
      i. An invitation made before the Spanish Police and an attested copy of the passport identity Proof
      ii. National identity card in case he / she is Spanish or a citizen of the European Union.
    • In addition to the above mentioned documents, the applicant has to submit the following:
      If employed
      i. Personal ITR (income tax returns) for last 3 years
      ii. Salary slip with company seal for the last six months
      iii. Personal Bank Statement for the last 6 months on original Letterhead of the Bank / Branch in which the applicant has an account. This statement should be signed by the Bank / Branch Manager and should have the address and phone numbers of the Bank / Branch and it should bear a seal / stamp of the Bank / Branch
      iv. Credit Card copy/Foreign Exchange endorsement/Traveller’s Cheque
      v. Copy of Pan Card
      If Self-Employed
      i. Personal & Company ITR (income tax returns) for last 3  years
      ii. Personal & Company Bank Statement for last six months mentioning the Bank’s name and telephone number clearly
      iii. Credit Card copy/Foreign Exchange endorsement/Traveler’s Cheque
      iv. Copy of Pan Card
    • The applicant also needs to submit a proof of occupation.
      i. Company Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation / Proof of Proprietorship / Partnership Deed
      ii. Brief Company Profile
      iii. Articles of Memorandum (Incase the applicant is MD/Director)
      i. Proof of employment like Appointment Letter / NOC from Employer
      i. Leave Sanction Letter from School
      ii. Parents have to provide ITR (income tax returns), Bank statement and NOC (no objection certificate) letter.
      If you are under 18, you must also submit
      i. Application form to be signed by both the parents
      ii. Copies of the parent's passports
      ii. If only one parent is travelling with the child, an affidavit on INR 20 - stamp paper is necessary, stating that either parent have no objection to the child travelling to Spain. This affidavit has to be signed by both the parents.
    • Hotel confirmation for the entire period of stay in Schengen area and tour itinerary.
      Please note: Hotel dates should match the ticket dates and maximum stay should be in Spain.
    • Ticket Itinerary [If the Applicant only submits a itinerary, there is also a possibility that on confirmation of the issued visa the Applicant may be asked the confirmed E-TICKET as proof of travel)
      Please note: It is advisable to provide the ticket with a gap of 10 working days at the time of submission.
    • Medical Insurance for the stay duration amounting to 30,000 Euros. Separate travel insurance for each passenger, including for children.The validity of the travel insurance must be at least 15 days longer than the period of stay and must cover the whole Schengen territory.
    • Sworn Declaration Form filled and signed by the applicant.
    • Please note:
      i. Visa application has to be submitted 10-working days prior to the period of
      ii. Applicants who are applying with their families have to submit proof of family relation. If husband and wife are applying together, applicants have to show Original Marriage Certificate & in case of Child, Birth Certificate is required at the time of submission, in case of photocopy, then the same has to be notarized.
    • Email id is should be mentioned while filling the online application. Applicant has to personally visit the center for his biometric finger printing.

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