Types of Tourist Visa to the UK

    Are you planning a tour to the UK? UK is the best place to visit with your family for a Holiday. To visit UK you require a Visa. The Visa details and steps to follow to apply for a visa are mentioned below:

    Types of UK visa

    • Marriage Visitor Visa
    • If you wish to visit UK to meet your partner residing there or you want to get married to your registered partner or you want to give a Notice of Marriage to your registered partner in UK, then you can stay for a period of 6 Months in UK with this visa.

    • Parent Visa
    • You can apply for this visa if your child (Under 12) is attending fee-paying school in the UK. You can stay for 6 months 12 days in the UK.

    • Short Period of Time Visa
    • You can apply for this visa if you are attending or want to attend any short duration course (English course etc.) in the UK. You can stay for a maximum of 6 months or as long as the duration of the course.

    • Standard Visa
    • With this visa, you can stay Maximum 6 months in the UK, if the visiting purpose is to spend the holidays with your family or friends or for business purpose or for sports event etc.

    • Permanent Paid Engagement Visit
    • You can apply for this visa if you are invited by a UK Organization or a client, if you are sponsored by a UK Client. You can stay there for 1 month.

    • Through Chinese Tour Group
    • This visa is only applicable for the citizen of China. And this is applied to through ADS license. You can stay or visit UK only with a group (5 People). You can stay in UK till the ADS license gets expired.

    Step to apply for UK Visa

    • Check whether you need a Visa or not? Because the citizen of Europe, union Nation or Non-Eau Member of EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland do not require a visa.
    • See what kind of Visa you need
    • Medical or Tuberculosis Test, if required
    • Properly, fill application form
    • Pay Visa Fee through the authorized immigration office.

    Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • If you have not mentioned the exact bank balance at that particular period of time, then your application form gets rejected.
    • If Purpose of visiting UK is not satisfactory to the UK Government
    • When Documents you submitted discovered fake.

    Things to keep in mind

    • Keep sufficient amount of money in your account when you are visiting the UK, to meet the cost of return or onward journey.
    • You have to apply for the visa 3 months before your travel.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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