Types of Tourist Visa to China

    If you are planning to visit China, then you have to consider numerous things before applying for China visa. The types, steps & requirements are given below:

    Types of China visa

    There are numerous ways through which you can apply for China visa:

    • Tourist visa
    • Flight confirmation & hotel reservation proofs are required, in order to apply as a tourist. You can stay for thirty-sixty days in China.

    • Business visa
    • If your purpose of visiting China is to carry on business activities, then you will need the Business visa. With the term of ten years, thirty-sixty days stay can be possible in one visit.

    • Non-commercial visa
    • If you are visiting to carry out some research, study tour or any other noncommercial purpose, then you have to apply for ‘F Visa’ known as the non-commercial visa. The stay time is thirty to ninety days.

    • Work visa
    • If you want the employment in China then you have to apply for ‘Z visa’. Within the thirty days of the visit, you have to apply for residence permit in China.

    • Study visa
    • If you are going to study for less than six month period, then X2 visa will have to be applied & if more than six months then you have to apply for X1 visa.

    • Private visa
    • If you are going to live with your would be a family member, then you can apply for private visa. As per the duration of stay, rules vary.

    • Family visa
    • If with the family you are going then different terms have to be followed to take the family visa.

    • Crew visa
    • This is for the crew members of international transportation & belongs to foreign.

    • Group visa
    • If you are going to visit in a tourist group, then group visa has to be applied for.

    Steps to apply for China visa

    • Select the category of visa, i.e. why you are going to visit China.
    • Fulfill all the requirements of visa application carefully.
    • Prepare all the necessary documents required for the visa.
    • Submit the application & documents in the Chinese embassy.
    • Pay the visa fee as per the recommendations.

    Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • If the person carries any criminal record.
    • If the documents are fake.
    • If all the formalities have not been duly complied with.

    Things to keep in mind

    • If the consular requires additional documents, then you have to submit all that.
    • Any application sent via courier or mail, will not be accepted by visa authorities.
    • Double check your information & documents before submitting to the visa authorities.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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