Types of tourist visa to Singapore

    Singapore visa is the easiest to apply for. People visit Singapore for employment, business meetings or tourism purpose. As per your requirement, the type of Singapore Visa varies.

    There are many types of visa to apply for Singapore

    • Entre pass:
    • For the entrepreneurs, who want to start a new business in Singapore, Entre Pass is the Visa type to apply for.

    • Work permit for performing artists:
    • This Visa type is used for foreign performers, who work for public entertainment in places like hotels, nightclub etc.

    • Work holiday program:
    • For the students, who want to work and enjoy their holidays in Singapore, Work Holiday Visa is available. It lets them earn and subsidize their own trips. They should at least be available for 6 months.

    • Training work permit:
    • The trainers, who are semi-skilled or who want to do practical training in Singapore, should apply for this Visa type.

    • Miscellaneous work pass:
    • It is a work pass, which allows people to enjoy their short tour to Singapore. The purpose of the visit should be business, and the duration of stay must be approximately 2 months.


    Steps to apply for Singapore visa:

    • You should be the resident of a country, which is not exempted from applying for Singapore visa.
    • All the required documents, especially the passport, should be valid for 6 months at least.
    • The Visa form must be completely filled and submitted, whether online or offline.
    • Other documents such as passport size photographs, identity card etc. should be ready.
    • Certain security deposit in the form of money is deposited before the travel.
    • You will get your visa once your application is approved.

    Reasons why visa gets rejected:

    • Incomplete documents
    • If you are convicted of some illegal or unlawful acts.
    • If your photograph is unclear (blurred), the visa will be rejected.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • Avoid any kind of mistakes while filling the form.
    • Make sure all your documents are valid.
    • Travellers should have sufficient funds with them.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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