Types of tourist visa to Oman

    Oman is the perfect place for tourism. There are many beautiful places to visit and explore. In order to visit Oman, you have to apply for a visa.

    Types of Oman Visa

    • Tourist visa
    • It's granted by the authority to the person who wants to visit Oman, by properly identifying their personal detail. With this visa, you can stay maximum period of thirty days in Oman.

    • Employment visa
    • It’s granted when any local resident of Oman sponsors a foreign person for employment purpose. Age of the employee should be twenty one years and above.

    • Family joining & Family Residence Visa
    • This visa is granted to the wife and children (below 21 years) of a foreigner who is a residing in Oman. The validity is for 2 years. 

    • Student Resident visa
    • Students arriving to Oman for study purpose should apply for this Oman Visa. It allows a stay of 2-3 years in Oman from the date of entry.

    • Investor Residence Visa
    • This visa is granted to those foreigners who want to invest his funds in Oman. He/she can stay for a duration of six months in Oman.

    • Express visa
    • It’s sponsored by a resident of Oman to the foreigner on his responsibility for business, festivals and other conventions. This visa allows staying in Oman for three weeks.

    • Friend, Relative visa
    • It is granted to the friends of an Omani or a foreigner, under the sponsorship of an Omani localite.

    • Official visit visa
    • At the request of a hosting government organization, this visa is granted to foreigners.

    • Artist visa
    • It is sponsored by a local Omani and granted on the condition that the artist will be performing in Entertainment shows.

    • Truck driver visa
    • It is granted to the truck driver and his assistant (Only one person) for road passage on his way that allows him to enter the country multiple times. 

    • Scientific research visa
    • This visa is granted by proper competent authorities on request. Visa is valid for 3 months for those visit Oman for scientific research.

    • Ship passenger &crew
    • This visa is granted to passengers & crew for tourism, during their halt at Oman ports. It’s applicable for less than twenty-four hours.

      Step to apply for Oman Visa

      • Your Purpose of visit should be clear
      • Fill Oman application form
      • Submit your documents
      • Pay visa fee


      Reasons why Visa gets rejected

      • Person with criminal record.
      • Person who denied entrance in the country before
      • Missing documents

      Things to keep in mind

      • Your basic detail form should be properly signed and should clearly be scanned.

      Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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