Entering into the United States isn’t possible if you are a foreign citizen and do not have a Visa. A visa can be a non-immigrant i.e. for a temporary stay or an immigrant visa which is meant for permanent residence.

    Types of US Tourist Visa

    • Tourist Visa:
    • B1 and B2. The former is meant for the people who want to visit the United States for business purpose and the latter is for the people who want to go the US for pleasure or medical treatment.

    • Work Visa:
    • To work in the US as a non-immigrant you must need a work visa. Before applying for a work visa, all applicants must have a filed petition from the employer, approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    • Student Visa:
    • US welcomes students to pursue their studies in the States, but before applying for a student visa, the applicants are needed to get consent from their respected schools.

    • Exchange Visitor Visa
    • This kind of visa is designed to promote the exchange of knowledge, persons, and skills in various fields.

    • Transit/Ship Crew Visa
    • If you are passing through United States during your journey, you are required to have a valid transit visa. The destination should be out of the US in this case.

    • Domestic Employee Visa
    • This visa is valid for the personal or domestic servants accompanying their employers.

    • Religious Worker Visa
    • Those who are seeking to visit the US for working in a religious capacity on temporary basis.

    • Journalist/Media Visa
    • The visa is meant for media professionals who are visiting to engage in their profession while having the office in their home country.

    How to apply for US Visa

    • Apply for Us Visa by first filling an online form according to your category of visa through any travel agency like Musafir and pay the fees.
    • Applicants must qualify provisions of Immigration and Nationality Act.
    • For US Visa, interviews will be conducted to check out your fingerprints and taking your photographs.

    Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • Lack of information provided by applicant.
    • The applicant is not qualified for the category applied by him.
    • The applicant falls under the scope of ineligibility grounds of law.
    • Due to past activities like a criminal or drug cases

    Things to keep in mind

    • Be on time and answer well in interviews.
    • Show documents that prove your strong ties to the home country.
    • Other than your identity, proofs such as bank and job and other personal credentials show supporting documents.
    • All the documents should be valid and approved.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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