Types of Tourist Visa to Malaysia

    When you think of a tour abroad, you need to have a VISA. As myriad visitors are exempt if they are visiting Malaysia for Social purposes or for the holidays, you are required to check before traveling, whether you are exempt or not.

    Types of Visa to Malaysia

    • Single Entry Visa
    • This is valid for single entry and is valid for three months. It is usually for social visits..

    • Multiple Entries Visa
    • It is usually for business or government purposes. It is valid for one year, but each entry cannot be for more than 30 days. This visa is allowed with the following conditions:-.

      • Sufficient Funds
      • Return Ticket
    • Transit Visa
    • This visa is required when a person leaves one of Malaysian airport & travels to overland through Malaysia. People on transit without leaving the airport premises who continue to another destination with same flight do not require this visa.

    • Transit without Visa (TWOV)
    • This visa is only required after clearance of Malaysian immigration i.e. for 120 hours of a stopover in Malaysia.

    Step to apply for Visa to Malaysia

    Application Without reference

    • It is given by the High Commission of Malaysia.
    • The application requires photographs, Bank Statement, Passport, Visa Application form & Payment.
    • These documents are required in original as well as in duplicates.

    Application with reference

    • It is approved by the Department of Immigration, Malaysia.
    • All the documents of the application without reference, in addition to approval letter from Immigration Department of Malaysia and Original & Xerox of Air tickets.

    Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • Incomplete or fraudulent documentation.
    • Applicant’s past or current records such as criminal activities.

    Things to keep in mind

    • Documents & Adequate no. of photographs in prescribed size.
    • In the case of a minor, NOC signed by both parents with Photographs.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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