Types of Tourist visa to Dubai

    The main purpose of Visiting Dubai (in UAE or United Arab Emirates) is tourism or employment. However, you will have to apply for different types of Dubai Visas as per your purpose of visit. Now, Dubai also facilitates Visa on arrival for Indian citizens. Read till the end for more information.

    Types of Dubai Visa

    • Visit Visa
    • Visit Visas are applicable for 30 days and it can be extended for sixty days.

    • Tourist Visa/Business Visa
    • Business visas are applicable for 14 days and it cannot be extended, whereas Tourist visas can be extended

    • Tourist Visa
    • This type of Visa is applicable for 30 days and it cannot be extended

    • Transit Visa for 96-hours
    • If Tourists are planning for short duration visit which less than 4 days, then they can apply for this Visa

    • Multi Entry Long Term Visa
    • This type of Visa is valid for 90 days With this Visa traveler can stay for longer duration and can visit for multiple times.

    Step to apply for Dubai Visa

    • Fill the Application Form, Upload your Documents.
    • Submit it to review online.
    • After Your form has been reviewed you will got an e-mail
    • Track your visa status online time to time.
    • When the visa issued, you will get an email.

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    Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • If you are female and below the age of 24 then there could be the probability of rejection as the suspicion of human trafficking.
    • Visa applied with a previous criminal record..
    • If the applicant’s passport holds unskilled profession.
    • If the uploaded documents are blurred.

    Things to keep in mind

    • Before applying for a visa you must hire a professional travel via agency which will help you with everything like filling a form submitting a form and all.
    • Keep the copy of every document which you have mailed during the whole procedure.
    • You must be ensured about the expiry date of Visa and it should be more than six months
    • The processing time for Visa changes according to the type of Visa

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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