Types of tourist visa to Italy

    To visit Italy for touristic purposes, studies, job or other reasons, you should know about the types of Visa the country offer. For the information related to the types of Italy Visa, reasons of it getting rejected and more, continue reading:

    Types of Italy Visa

    • Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)
      1. Type A (Airport Transit)
      2. Type B (Transit)
      3. Type C (Travel-Visas)

      Type C visa permits 90 days to stay in any half of the year and it is valid Too for one, two, three or five years.

    • Limited Territorial Validity Visa (LTV)
    • This type of Visa is applicable only for one specific Schengen country that is only Italy.

    • Long Sojourn or National (NV)
    • These are valid for more than 90 days. It permits long stay to the individual, subjected to the terms that may apply.

    Steps to Apply For Visa

    • First of all consult your local Italian embassy.
    • Check whether are you a citizen of Schengen country or not
    • Get a Visa application form
    • Fill the application for the specific type of Visa.
    • Collect all the required documents, and then upload.
    • Submit all the documents and application to your Italian consulate.The pay the fee and it any vary according to the type of Visa you are applying.

    Reasons of rejection

    • If you are not telling the truth while visa examiner ask for questions.
    • You have previous violation or have your name in the blacklist.
    • If they feel that you don’t have intention to return to your home country.
    • Not proper mention details of sponsors

    Things to keep in mind

    • Your signatures should match.
    • Select the correct visa category.
    • Use a passport size photograph which is not older than ninety days.
    • Fill your basic detail and don't skip to fill your full detail of sponsorship

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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