Types of Tourist visa to France

    France is a beautiful country and a dream destination to many. It is also an education hub, where students desire to study. However, you should apply for France Visa before planning to go there. Here's everything you need to know:

    Types of France visa

    • Tourism visa
    • If you want to travel France as a tourist, then you can apply for this visa. It is a short term visa valid for 90 days.

    • Business Visa
    • If you are going to do some business activity, then the business visa will be applied for. It could be for 3 months, 6 months and for 1 year.

    • EU Family & dependent
    • This Visa is of two types, one is a spouse visa and the other is children visa.

    • Seamen visa
    • This type of Visa is applicable for those who want to the join the merchant ship.

    • Transit visa
    • This type of visa is valid for short duration. It is of two types, one is Airport transit visa and Air-companies’ staff members visa.

    • Schengen Visa
    • A person holding this type of Visa can travel to any of the 25 Schengen countries for up to 90 days.

    • Circulation Visa
    • For this, you must have an invitation from a Schengen country. Valid for a year applicable usually for business purpose. 

    Steps to Apply For VISA

    • Air ticket
    • Original Passport
    • Filled Visa Application form.
    • Passport size Photo which covers 70%face with white background.
    • Covering letter attached with applicants expenses detail, passport detail
    • With the clear mention of bank details show the last six months’ transactions
    • Stay confirmation
    • Salary slip.

    Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • If fake travel documents are shown to the embassy.
    • Visa applied with a previous criminal record.
    • If the applicant’s passport is damaged.
    • If the applicant is unable to give a proper explanation of the purpose and circumstances of planned stay.

    Things to keep in mind

    • Keep the copy of every document which you have mailed during the whole procedure.
    • You must be ensured about the expiry date of Passport and it should be more than six months.
    • The processing time for Visa changes according to the type of Visa.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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