10 Amazing Things about Travelling with your Brother

  • 10 amazing things about travelling with your Bhaijaan

    Your best friend, your confidant, your protector, the one who knows your heart's desires, the one who supports your dreams, the one who is also your biggest nemesis. Such is the sweet and unique bond between a brother and sister. It’s clear that whatever maybe your background, whichever corner of the world you might come from, the love of your sibling is priceless - 'Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabaka kehana hai, Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai!’

    We share with you some of the wonderful things that one experiences while travelling with your brother. So, with Raksha Bandhan coming on 29th August, book your flight tickets and surprise your brother with a delightful getaway.

    1. He pays for all the bookings and accommodations of the trip

    10 amazing things about travelling with your Bhaijaan

    All you have to say is ‘OMG my bank balance is almost NIL’. ‘Ghadi ghadi Drama karti Hai’ is what he will think, but he’ll still go ahead like a nice bro and finance your entire trip, what say?

    2. He knows what to order for you

    10 amazing things about travelling with your Bhaijaan

    While holidaying, we breathe fresh air and the thrilling exotic experiences make us hungry, more than the usual days. Travelling with your brother means you’ll save time at restaurants, since he knows your eating preferences and will order exactly that.

    Warning: If you try to hog more, he will tease you by saying ‘Jyaada mat kha, moti ho jayegi!’

    3. He makes you feel safe and protected

    You have been travelling with him since you were a kiddo. A sense of security, familiarity, comfort and emotional bonding keeps you far away from the thought of any fear or danger.

    Secret: You may not know but he does a proper homework on researching the safety of your travel destination.

    4. He will encourage you to indulge in all kinds of sports

    ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai' is his travel mantra, he will motivate you to try different adventure activities, thereby making you rough and tough.

    5. He will teach you something new

    With his trendy travel apps, he will enlighten you on how to make your travel experience, a cakewalk.

    6. He will not only pay for all your shopping stuff but also help you carry them

    The lil gal in you will stop by all the flea markets. You will bother him by asking his opinion on which stuff to pick, and he will end up buying most of them for you.

    Congrats! You’ve successfully managed to get your Coolie No. 1!

    7. He will trouble you by asking which of the several bags has his clothes

    Now its his turn to trouble you! As a packing expert, you have taken the major initiative in packing for both of you.

    PS: You will go crazy while he will ask you ‘Where is my blue tee which I am supposed to wear while playing with my frisbee on the beach?’

    8. If you don’t know driving, then he can come to your rescue

    10 amazing things about travelling with your Bhaijaan

    In many places you can rent a vehicle and explore the city on your own. He will drive and you will enjoy the ride with the wind gushing through your hair.

    Need more clue? Picture the beautiful song ‘Khaabon Ke Parinday’ from the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and you will get it all.

    9. He will be of great help when you need your solo pictures to be captured

    We girls never miss out on the opportunity to capture our beauty, isn’t it true? You can give your best pose and all you will hear is Click! Click! Click!

    Caution: Do not test your unpaid photographer’s patience for too long.

    10. His company will transport you to your blissful childhood days

    10 amazing things about travelling with your Bhaijaan

    When holidaying with him, you can indulge in several games that you both played as a kid and relive those magical moments.

    PS: While reminiscing your golden days, check if you are able to hear the song ‘Lakdi Ki Kathi, kathi pe ghoda’ from the movie ‘Masoom’ in the background?

    Still in flashback? Want to make it real? Book your holiday anywhere in India and don’t forget to share your travel experiences in the comment box below.

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    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur