Rules and Policies for China Visa

    Every nation has certain rules and policies laid down for any foreign national entering the country whether it is for the purpose of business, recreation or education. Similarly, there are certain rules and policies to enter the People’s Republic of China or the PRC, which are listed by the Ministry of Immigration. Let us take a look at the same -

    • China Visa is meant only for people seeking entry into Mainland China. It does not permit entry to Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.
    • In case a foreign traveller holds a connecting ticket, and passes through China, he/she is exempted from the requirement of a visa. This is applicable only in the case when the stay in the airport’s transit visa does not exceed a maximum span of 24 hours.
    • In most cases, and for most nationalities, China does not offer visa-on-arrival, hence the visa must be obtained beforehand.
    • Once the China Visa for Indians is approved, no changes in the same are possible.
    • In the case of the need of an extension of the visa, while the traveller is in China itself, he/she is required to apply for the same to the Public Security Bureau of China.
    • Even if a tourist is holding a valid visa, his/her permission to enter China is at the discretion of Chinese Border Control Authority, as per the Chinese Laws and Regulations.
    • More often than not, the regulations are not applied to the complete extent. However, in the event of special occasions such as the Olympic Games, in concern to certain nationalities, or with respect to an individual, the government may issue directives in order to apply the regulations more stringently. In such a case, the traveller might be asked for additional supporting documents including but not limited to travel bookings, proof of sufficient funds, as well as an invitation from a Chinese person, family or organisation.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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