Rules and Policies of Philippines Visa

    As is the case with almost all the nations of the world, the Government of Philippines also takes all the requisite measures to ensure that only responsible and trustworthy foreign nationals are let into the country. It is for this reason that the country has a visa policy in place, with specific rules and policies attached to the same. Let us take a closer look at these policies.

    • Any traveller seeking entry into the territory of Philippines must apply for a Philippines Visa prior to the travel with the following -
    1. A passport which holds valid for a period of at least 6 months from the intended date of departure from Philippines.
    2. Duly completed Visa Application Form.
    3. 2 Passport size photos.
    4. Confirmed flight tickets for onward journey.
    5. Visa Application Fee.
    • A temporary visitor application for Philippines Visa for Indians must be made in person, by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate at the applicant’s place or country of residence. In case the applicant is a minor, below the age of 18, the application must be made by his parents or guardian, who must accompany the minor at the consulate for the visa interview.
    • In the case of an unaccompanied minor below the age of 15 travelling to Philippines, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) will issue an EG order. In this case, a duly completed WEG application along with the requisite supporting documents must be submitted to the BI upon the applicant’s entry in the Philippines, complete with the fee of P3,120 per child.
    • Download the visa form - Mumbai consulate | Delhi consulate | Chennai consulate.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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