Rules and Policies for Malaysia Visa

    Like any other nation, even Malaysia takes various steps to ensure that only responsible and verified foreign nationals are allowed entry into the country’s territory. It is because of this very reason, that any foreign traveller seeking entry into the country is required to obtain a visa beforehand. However, the Malaysia High Commission/Consulate has laid down certain rules and policies with respect to a Malaysia Visa. Let us take a closer look at them -

    • An eVisa is a single entry visa, which holds valid for a period of 3 months from the date of issue. This visa allows a maximum stay of 3 days in the country and is strictly meant for tourism and commercial purposes.
    • A traveller to Malaysia is not permitted to undertake any kind of employment or enroll himself/herself for any educational course.
    • Once on the Malaysian Territory, a traveller is required to follow the local laws.
    • It is the onus of the traveller to leave the country, on or prior to the date of expiration of the Malaysia Visa for Indians, failing which the traveller can be detained, deported or be liable to pay a fine.
    • Visa fee once paid is not refunded in any case.
    • In the case of the rejection of Visa Application, if the candidate chooses to apply for a Malaysia Visa again, he/she will be required to repay the application fee.
    • The approval or rejection of a Visa application depends on the sole discretion of the Malaysia High Commission/Consulate. As a matter of fact, the High Commission reserves the right to refuse the application, without stating any reason for the same.
    • Even when the Visa is issued, it may be revoked at any point of time, for any reason that the High Commission deems fit, especially if the applicant is found guilty of knowingly providing false or fraudulent information. In this case, he/she may even be subjected to a criminal penalty.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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