10 Things You Better Not Miss In The Netherlands

  • 10 Amazing Must-sees and Must-dos of The Netherlands!

    You may have seen the Tulip Gardens in photos and gotten the chills while reading Anne Frank’s diary. You might have heard about the Red Light district in Amsterdam, but did you know about a place where there are no cars at all, only canals to navigate around? Read on to experience The Netherlands like never before, in 10 attractions that will drive you through its past and bring you back in the present, through its immaculate landscapes. You will definitely want to buy an air ticket and fly off, right away!

    1. Gouda

    Gouda cheese, Netherlands

    All the cheese lovers will identify with the name Gouda as one of the most delectable types of cheese that exists in the dictionary of cheese! A visit to the place from where the cheese got its name then, is mandatory for the cheese lovers.

    2. The Anne Frank House

    One girl’s wartime diary that took the world by storm; her home lets you witness it all. A walk through the house gives you just enough exposure to the side of the world that remains as a reminder of humanity’s dark past.

    3. Our Lord in The Attic

    Our Lord In The Attic, Netherlands

    In 1661, a wealthy Catholic merchant named Jan Hartman bought a stately canal house and two houses behind it. Being a devout man whose son was studying for the priesthood, Hartman included a fine Catholic chapel in his new property, and because the times did not permit the preaching of the gospels, he cleverly hid the chapel in his attic.

    4. Museum of Bags and Purses

    Sense yourself getting lost in the spiralling world of fashion, as you walk through the museum of bags and purses, which houses an enviable collection of bags, perfect for both men and women

    5. Heineken experience

    Think museums are not your thing? Think again. The Heineken museum proudly displays the history behind its legendary beers. What's more, you get a free drink at the end of the tour. We’ve given you enough and more reasons to experience Heineken, book your Netherlands package, and customise it.

    6. Canals

    Giethoorn, Netherlands

    Whether you’re travelling solo, or with the love of your life, you cannot miss the wholesome experience of seeing and sailing on a canal. To experience it best, we suggest you pay a visit to Giethoorn. Once you set your eyes on this place that shuns the use of cars, the beauty of the place will entrap you within itself.

    7. Ctaste

    Imagine being led into total and utter darkness, and being fed various delicacies in Netherlands, without a single hint of light. Welcome to Ctaste, where blind dining is the mantra behind it all. Did we mention, even the waitress that serves you is visually challenged?

    8. Amsterdam Marionetten Theatre

    The Marionetten theatre brings to you opera as you've never seen it before - put together by puppets in velvet costumes, puppeteers and operas by Mozart or Offenbach!

    9. Herring fish

    The Dutch Herring fish, Netherlands

    The locals favourite, you cannot visit Netherlands without tasting this dish. You need to have a distinguished taste in order to like this delicacy. Wondering why? Well, you’ve got to eat it raw!

    10. Waterfall in Loenen

    Why does a waterfall figure in our list of Must-see, Must-dos? When you have a country as flat as Netherlands, which is below sea level, the Loenen waterfall becomes a unique phenomenon. Go the Dutch way and witness this beauty.

    Author : Roshal Mascarenhas