20 things about Dubai no travel portal will tell you

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    I’m sure you have heard a lot about Dubai. How luxurious it is to live in and how extravagant and larger-than-life things are. However, there is a lot about the city you won’t know until you begin to live in it. Here’s what I discovered in the few months since I moved to the bustling sandpit.

    1. You see some of the best sunsets here. Like the one here.

    2. People here actually own real gold credit/debit cards. Of course, it can't be used in the ATM. So pay with gold?

    3. The Madinat Jumeirah souk houses restaurants and bars that offer amazing views of the Burj Al Arab.

    4. You need a license to buy alcohol here, so be mindful if you intend to.

    5. Thanks to the lack of pollution, Dubai has really clear skies.

    6. It is NOT a walkable city. Distances are too far off, so you’re better off using taxis or cars.

    7. The metro is a great alternative to taxis. It is convenient and always on time.

    8. If you take a bus right before the metro, you are only charged one time for both.

    9. Dubai has a few outdoor cinemas that offer free screenings. One of them is at Jumeirah Lake Towers Park.

    10. There are numerous ladies nights that offer free drinks.

    11. Instead of going to the top of the Burj Khalifa, which costs almost AED200, grab a coffee at the At.mosphere lounge at the 122nd floor overlooking Dubai’s dazzling skylights.

    12. Rents here are so high every month you're going to shed a tear giving almost half your salary away…

    13. …And you have to pay your rent an entire year in advance.

    14. As an Indian, getting a driver’s licence here can cost you a bomb!

    15. PDA is not permitted here, so be careful to refrain yourself when you’re out partying.

    16. Using foul language is an offence here.

    17. Dubai is considered a very safe country. Even if you have left your bag somewhere by mistake, chances that it will remain there are quite high. Though it is best not to risk it.

    18. The roads are fairly unmarked, so you will get lost a lot. The signs don’t help much.

    19. During summer, the temperature can literally go up to 50 °C.

    20. There is sand everywhere, like really.

    Now that we've demystified certain myths and secrets revolving around Dubai, all that's left for you to do is get your Dubai visa.

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    Author : Winnie Karnik