5 Party destinations which are surprisingly affordable

  • The best party destinations of Asia
    While you live, see to it that your life resembles a party - the good wine never runs out, the people never look to leave and the burps remind you of the good food that kept getting served!

    Well, all said and done, after the hard working life that you lead for most of the week, most of your friends think there’s only one side to you: the workaholic side. How about you show them your most whackiest side and drown all your sorrows and work stress in these 5 party destinations in Asia which are surprisingly affordable?

    1. Boracay, Philippines

    Boracay, Philippines

    Whilst Manila is a heart throb when it comes to nightlife, Boracay is a good boy gone bad! The word party is synonymous with Boracay as the party spills on to the seemingly peaceful beaches as the night approaches. What more could the young at heart want, other than a glass of your favourite drink as the sand tickles your feet, and the music is just right to get you groovy.
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    2. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    The heart wants what it wants and if it wants to party - well that’s almost everywhere in the city of Ho Chi Minh! Draw up a selection of concept cafes, pubs, and bars and as the night grows darker, may the one who stands strong, stand until the last pub has been crossed off the list!
    We recommend:  6 nights/7 days @ Rs 80,500

    3. Sihanoukville, Cambodia


    Figuring as one of the international destinations where the rupee is stronger, in Sihanoukville, the party scenes are even stronger! The nights here are nothing short of being the wildest nights you may have seen and this island is set to redefine the definition of partying for you. There are more than just a few bars which offer spectacular views from its bar tables.
    We recommend: 5 nights/6 days @ Rs 41,800/-

    4. Langkawi, Malaysia

    While you scour the map of Malaysia, there’s a little land most people often overlook: Langkawi. Unknown to most, this little island is the secret of party hoppers from the world over. If there is one destination which looks deceptive to the human eye, it has to be Langkawi. No, don’t get me wrong: Langkawi holds the position of being among the islands where one can find utmost peace. But as the big ball of light and fire sinks into the western horizon, that’s when this facade drops and the party truly begins!
    We recommend: 6 nights/7 days @ Rs 62,700/-

    5. Koh Phangan, Thailand

    Ko Phagnan, Thailand

    What people don’t know about this island is that - the popular full moon party of this island which have found its way into the travel bucket list of party junkies, attracts a crowd of more than 35,000 people every year! While the drinks here are ridiculously cheap, it's the neon body paint art that is most attractive. If you find yourself on this island which is one of the many islands that Thailand has kept secret from us, go crazy with the neon body paint!
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