5 Places where the Rainbow is most beautiful

  • Beautiful Rainbow

    One of the unadulterated and brilliant marvels of nature is the ‘Rainbow’. It is not only beautiful, but is highly impactful on the faculty of human imagination. No wonder, the phenomenon has always aroused and influenced great poets and thinkers of all times.

    How is a Rainbow formed?

    A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon and, as we all know, is very colourful. Appearing as an arc to the human eyes, the rainbow is the result of reflection, refraction, and dispersion of the light of the sun by the water droplets after a good spell of rain. This interaction gives rise to the creation of a multi-coloured arc.

    Types of Rainbow

    There are different types rainbows. Yes there are! What most of us have witnessed in our lifetime is the single rainbow. But there are actually more than just one -

    • The Twinned rainbow
    • The Full-circle rainbow
    • The Supernumerary rainbows
    • The Monochrome rainbow
    • The Rainbows under moonlight
    • The Fogbow

    Which are the best places to spot a beautiful Rainbow?

    1. Niagara Falls

    Rainbow over the Niagara Falls

    Famous otherwise for the overwhelmingly gushing waters of the falls, Niagara is likewise one of the famed destinations to spot a rainbow. This rainbow is unquestionably different. One can experience a serendipitous encounter with multiple rainbows here. The rainbow can be perceived through the mist, and the natural beauty encircling the place, lifts the experience by a few more notches.

    2. Hawaii

    Rainbow in Hawaii

    Another beautiful destination in the world, Hawaii, effortlessly makes to the bucket list of every traveller. We desire to visit the beautiful beaches and savour its unique climate. But in case you did not know, there is another reason as to why must one visit this place. In Hawaii, one can come across rainbows aplenty; and they are distinctly colourful.

    3. Victoria Falls

    Rainbow over Victoria Falls

    The country of Zambia is fortunate to have one of the largest of waterfalls in the world. And it is here around the Victoria Falls, if you go, you will be able to spot, several times, colourful rainbows. If you weren’t aware of this fact, do log it in to your memory, so that you get your fair share of the rainbow views when in Zambia.

    4. Ireland

    Rainbow in Ireland

    Ireland draws and holds attention for several reasons. But what few will know is that this part of the world has been bountifully blessed with regular appearances of beautiful and colourful rainbows. And owing to its wet climate, one can actually come across a rainbow at well nigh any part of the country.

    And finally...

    5. Canadian Rockies

    Rainbow in Canadian Rockies

    Rainbow spotting is a frequent and common activity of the tourists here. Beautiful rainbows can be spotted here too. Colourful, these can be clearly viewed especially at the Jasper National Park. The sight of a towering rainbow, standing at the top of the jagged mountains that are situated amidst the green of the national park, is an unforgettable sight.

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