5 Reasons to take an Unplugged Vacation

  • When was the last time you observed the colour of the sky? The last time you had a ‘real’ conversation with your family? Do you know your parent’s favourite movie? Do your parents know about the tiff you’ve been having at school or college? Have you ever stayed away from any gadget for more than 2 days? The answer to at least one of these questions is probably no. Sci-fi films always depict a scenario where technology has won and overpowered humans. If you pick your head up from your gadgets long enough to look around, you’ll realise this scenario is almost true. When life really changed, we can’t exactly pin point, for better or for worse, that can only be speculated. But one thing’s for sure it has changed. We are more attached to our electronics than we are with nature, people or ourself. Maybe it’s time to step back and reconnect. Complete detox is difficult, we agree, but baby steps are all we need to regain that balance in life. So here are a few reasons why you need to unplug from your gadgets and plug into life. So get your air ticket and set off, your life is calling.

    1. For your health

    5 Reasons to take an Unplugged Vacation

    Long term use of gadgets and electronic items come with their own health hazards. Listening to music for too long on your headphones damage your eardrums leading to hearing problems. Long term use of the computer causes computer vision syndrome which is characterised by dry eyes, nausea, head ache. Not to mention sitting too long on your desk chair in front of the laptop can cause back pain problems. Video games and TV addiction comes with their own health problems. The list is long and goes on. An unplugged holiday will take you far away from all these problems and closer to a healthier life.

    2. Reconnect with nature

    5 Reasons to take an Unplugged Vacation

    Nature is that divine thing that surrounds us. Or used to surround us before we destroyed and replaced it with concrete buildings. Though the architecture makes these steel structures look attractive, they cannot add a health factor to it. Being amidst nature can be relaxing. Without the constant buzzing or pinging of your phone, you’ll realize the quietness that nature brings along with it. If you try real hard, you can even hear the silence.

    3. Reconnect with your self

    5 Reasons to take an Unplugged Vacation

    We often think that who we are is reflected in the things we surround ourselves with. Be it our playlists, our movie or book preferences, our food choices, the clothes we wear or the people we interact with. All of this is just an image of who we are, an image we choose to project. The truth might be completely different. A truth which you will discover only on introspection. Sometimes we have to completely cut ourselves from everything and everyone we know to truly find ourself. In a world which is increasingly getting lost in the abyss of technology it becomes necessary that we know for sure who we are. A task that is only possible when you disconnect from everything and reconnect with yourself.

    4. Reconnect with your family

    We might live in close quarters with our family, we might share the same roof and food. But how much do we really know about our family? Conversations are becoming a scarcity, their decline directly proportional to the number of Whatsapp groups we have. You may know of the latest status update but not of your sibling’s favourite colour. Unplugged holidays will force you to talk to your family. With no technology in shining armour coming to your rescue you’ll be forced to talk to the people around you. People who you thought you knew, but once you get talking you’ll realize how much they’ve changed and grown. A simple conversation will open you to a whole new world.

    5. A break from your boss

    This probably should have been first on the list, but I saved the best for last. Five days a week you slog and bring your best to work. But vacations are your time. Vacations are for you to relax and detox so that you’re rejuvenated by the time you have to return back to work. But the constant ringing of your phone with your boss’s calls kind of defeats the purpose. So what’s the most effective solution for that? Go on an unplugged holiday. A place where no network can reach you and neither can your boss. A blissful haven if there ever was one.

    Author : Sanjana Sule