9 Tips To Travel Internationally On A Budget

  • 9 Tips To Travel Internationally On A Budget

    It’s better to see something once, than hear about it a thousand times

    If one sentence were ever to capture the truth of the world, this one would rank pretty high. A simple truth, yet very poignant. We may read all about the beauties of a place, the mysteries it conceals, the aura it radiates. Words are powerful, but the actual experience has a magic of its own that is unmatched. While most of us would like to, we aren’t all that rich to support a lifestyle that includes travelling every month. So for people like you and me, who don’t have money pouring out of our every pore, there’s budgeted travelling. So here are some tips and suggestions that will help you support your wanderlust urges.

    1. Cheap tickets

    There are certain times of the day and certain days of the week when airline tickets are cheaper than the rest. The internet is a good place to do your research and ‘Google Baba’ will provide you with the right answer. Many online websites offer coupon codes for discounts, use those. Flight tickets aren’t as expensive an affair as you think.

    2. Cheaper destinations

    9 Tips To Travel Internationally On A Budget

    The world is filled with wonderful places to visit and Europe, London, USA aren’t the only options. In the end it’s always about the journey, not the destination. So pick a destination that is cheap, preferably cheaper than your currency, that way you’ll be able to enjoy more. Cambodia, Vietnam, Hungary, Bulgaria, Honduras generally fall in this category.

    3. The night gathers

    Hotels are generally an expensive affair, one that leaves you with a broken wallet. If you plan on meandering through the streets all day and using your hotel only for the night time, then a small bed and breakfast or a youth hostel will work just as well. CouchSurfing is another good and cheap option. Pick something with free wifi and included breakfast meal, it’ll go a long way in saving money.

    4. Maps and Apps

    9 Tips To Travel Internationally On A Budget

    Go old school, make use of maps and find your way through the city/town/village/country. Getting lost is also an experience in itself. Make use of free apps. But make sure these apps work offline, because you may not have access to free wifi at all times, and using your internet will burn a hole in your pocket. Worst case scenario, ask a local for the right direction, it’s the best tried and tested formula.

    5. No souvenirs

    We all like to take back mementos of a place, something to remember the beautiful moments by. But souvenirs are a tourist trap and often overpriced. Avoid those. If you must, take back the ticket stub from your first train ride, or the leaf you found walking along the country side. In hind sight they make for much better souvenirs, after all they have a story attached to it, a memory.

    6. Ride like the locals

    9 Tips To Travel Internationally On A Budget

    Taxis are a big no no, especially when you’re travelling internationally. Walking is often the best option as you get to walk through the place, breathing in it’s character and uniqueness. If your legs happen to tire, which they will eventually, opt for public transport. Trains, trams, buses, metros are much cheaper than taxis. If it’s a place you’re going to stick around for a month or so, you can even get a pass. Local transport will take you through the back alleys, and every vein of the city, things you might have otherwise missed.

    7. Who you gonna call?

    Don’t make phone calls. International calls charge a bomb. Avoid it if you can. If in case you absolutely must, then get a local sim card. In the long run it’ll prove to be cheaper. There was a time when people crossed the narrow seas without technology, so you’ll survive if you don’t use your phone for a few days.

    8. Street food is streets ahead!

    9 Tips To Travel Internationally On A Budget

    The best way to get a feel of the place is by going local. Sitting down and dinning at a restaurant will become expensive. The best, if not better alternative to that is Street food. It’s cheaper, tastier, and will gave you a taste of the authentic flavours, spices and culture of the place. An all in one experience you won’t get sitting in a restaurant.

    9. It’s all about the time

    Like it is important in most cases, timing is important for travelling too. Travelling during off season means everything is going to be cheaper. So before you fly off to any destination, check up on it. If it’s off season you’re in luck, if it’s the time of the year, then you might have to shell out more.

    Author : Sanjana Sule