A Date With Fishes

Sanjana Sule, December 10, 2015
"The best memories are made around the table."

From the outside, it looks like any other restaurant, and for a minute you forget that you’re standing inside an aquarium. But that’s just the effect Singapore has on you. Unusual is their general norm. So naturally, their SEA Aquarium at Resorts World isn’t about fishes and corals, it’s much more. To match up to something this unusual we need to be out of the box too. So this tale today isn’t going to be about fishes and sea life, instead, it’s going to be about food. Namely the Ocean Restaurant.

You might wonder as to why the Ocean restaurant is called such, but one only has to walk in to know why. The restaurant overlooks the largest tank in the aquarium which houses 40,000 fishes. As I sat down for my three-course meal a giant stingray swam by followed by a school of colorful fishes; I knew this was going to be an interesting meal.


The restaurant décor echoed elegance which was reflected in their dishes as well. First up was the entrée or starter as it’s also called. Of the five available options, I went with the Fried Brown Crab in Brick, with Salsa Verde, Green Vegetables-Remoulade, and Corn Parfait. The crispy outer coating shielded the soft crab within, keeping it moist and warm. The Salsa Verde was tangy, juicy and balanced the dish by bringing a freshness to the plate. The combination of the two together felt like a cool breeze on a hot summer morning.


The next dish was the main course. As the server walked towards me with my Crispy Skin Barramundi, it was the aroma that enticed me before the flavours had a chance to tickle my taste buds. The soft moist fish was coated with a crispy skin that crackled as my knife cut through. The green watercress salad on top teased your attention. You might think that a dish like this can’t get any better, but it does. The explosion of flavours that takes place as soon as you taste it, is phenomenal. When rich spicy earthy flavours marry the salty taste of the sea, a dish like this is born.


Last but not least was the dessert. This one I was personally very excited for as the chosen dish was Chocolate Delights. This included a Grand Marnier Chocolate Cremeux, Warm Ivory Chocolate Epsuma, Salty Cocoa Soil, and Chocolate Ice cream. All the rich browns on the plate were complimented by bright red blobs of strawberry. In layman’s terms, this dish consisted of a chocolate brownie with mousse and ice cream. But the taste was definitely not something you encounter every day. With each bite of the dish, you could taste the sea. The cremeux had just enough salt, leaving you craving for more. A sweet dish with a hint of savory.


The Ocean Restaurant as well as the food served all donned the garb of extraordinary, a theme synonymous with Singapore. With food that was amazing, the service was impeccable. The entire meal took barely an hour, and soon I was walking out of the restaurant with the flavors still lingering, knowing I was going to be reminiscing about it for days to come.

Image courtesy - https://www.facebook.com/oceanrestaurantrwsentosa

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