Dubai's Art and Culture

  • Dubai is eventually turning into a cultural hub. The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority was launched on March 8, 2008 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice president of UAE, Prime Minister, and Dubai Ruler. The vision behind the initiative is to achieve the dream they all saw of Dubai. Their aim is to establish Dubai as a global Arabian Metropolis, and to transform Dubai into a flamboyant, vibrant city full of art and culture. They want the world to see Dubai as the perfect platform for cultural exchange and innovation. In the entire process of being welcoming of the cultures from around the world, it also focuses on preserving the Emirate heritage. With all of this, they strive towards enhancing cultural diversity, and social cohesion. That’s an incredible step, all you art lovers, for the love of art just book an air ticket to Dubai, get your Dubai Visa done and wait no more! For Dubai has lot more to offer than you think.

    Having been recognised for the extravagance and the glory with which each event is held here, it looks forward to set a new benchmark. The world sees Dubai as a multicultural hotbed of creativity and innovation. There are great things one can look forward to when in Dubai. With the cultural and artistic space created in and around the city, it opened avenues, and over 70 galleries are active throughout the year. This gave them a much deserved limelight, and it began garnering interests amongst people from all corners of the world. They have done a brilliant job with the exceptional support of the government, proper funding, and educational initiatives generated a conducive environment for the local artists and enhanced their cultural roots. Both emerging and established artists have gained recognition worldwide.

    Al Quoz Industrial Area, the place where art breathes, and its aura feeds the hungry souls of artists who rehearse here, whose symphonies echo in the hallways. Art galleries, photography and design studios, Al Quoz is home to these beauties. Dubai International Financial Centre, is also home to to art galleries that exhibit both local and international art. Events are held frequently to showcase the art of upcoming artists, they also have galleries that hold auctions.

    Dubai’s calendar is flooded with annual art fairs, and several film festivals, literature and theatre festivals, and the city lights up in creative vibes, making it an irresistible destination. Art Dubai and the SIKKA Art Fair, are the places that nurture art, and places that see an influx of art lovers form across the world to behold art in its glory.

    Author: Leeba Thomas