Michelin star restaurants in Dubai by Indian chefs

  • Indego by Vineet

    One of the only Indian chefs to hold two Michelin stars, Vineet Bhatia truly needs no introduction. He not only runs numerous restaurants across India and Europe, he’s also been a television show host for Fox Traveller’s Twist of Taste. His incredible style of cooking aims to put India on a plate, but with a western twist. He constantly experiments with food fusing myriad elements together, and plating it in a unique way. You must really buy one of those Dubai packages now and experiment his food wonder. His restaurant Indego by Vineet—located at Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai — was opened in 2005. 

    Dishes to try: Among the most popular dishes are the black olive rosemary chicken tikka and black olive upma paired with black olive sesame chutney, seafood and raw mango curry and green herb tandoori monk fish, corn and morel korma laced with truffle oil, and a rose petal sandwich, served with steamed yoghurt and red currant jelly and roasted pistachio and mint ice cream.


    This contemporary fine dining restaurant by Chef Vikas Khanna, the host of Masterchef India, first opened its doors in New York back in 2010. It has earned a Michelin star each year since its inception. In 2014, the restaurant made its debut in Dubai at the Shangri-La Hotel. The menu focuses on five established Indian cooking techniques - tandoor (clay oven), tawa (cast-iron cooking), sigri (open-fire pit), handi (curry) and patthar (stone cooking). The interiors are reflective of traditional Indian architecture with bold intricately-carved arches made of Burma teak sourced from an Indian palace and gold fixtures.

    Dishes to try: Some of Junoon’s signature dishes are sordid sweetlip fish tadka, a curry leaf tadka with grapefruit, crispy dulse and sea urchin; mutton rose biryani, mutton kofta with saffron, mint and rose; foie gras terrine with smoked peanut chutney and Atlantic mackerel cooked in banana leaf; and chocolate date dessert, a milk chocolate parfait, date cake, hibiscus purée, chilli glass and braised dates.

    Rang Mahal

    Bright hues of red and yellow complemented by muted gold and brown welcome you at Chef Atul Kochhar’s Rang Mahal located at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai. The walls are decked with murals of traditional Indian paintings and ornate circular columns creating a truly Indian dining ambience. Kochhar’s food is known to be a veritable mix of British and Indian cuisines, which he brings here as well, adding to it European, Middle Eastern and Asian influences. Rang Mahal, opened in 2012, offers more of a casual dining experience and even has a lounge area. Kochhar won his first Michelin star in 2001 and another for his London-based restaurant Benares in 2007.

    Dishes to try: Pan seared farmed sea bass with mustard tempered potatoes and Atul’s signature turmeric and coconut curry ; limbu rubiyan, chargrilled Gulf shrimps and fresh Indian herb marinade; gosht kee nihari, Indian lamb shanks, stewed with caramelised onion, turmeric, royal cumin, black cardamom, cinnamon and clove.