Restaurants In Dubai That Serve Jain Food

  • Jain Food in Dubai

    Lot is being said about Dubai and its architectural grandeur and about the charm that it has. This place in a mini world in itself, there is nothing you would want to miss when in this wonderland. It has pushed itself beyond its natural realm to accommodate that which the rest of the world possesses naturally. It built artificial islands, it snows in Ski Dubai. Their marvellous infrastructure is their biggest attraction. Having said all of that, Dubai has tamed itself into a place that provides everything that the world can. But all of this isn’t to brag of its excellence, but to make sure that whoever sets foot in this city, does have a time of their lives. To make sure that the person won’t go back complaining that he/she missed something. To make sure that there is enough for everybody, and enough to suit each one’s liking. When everything is being taken care of, what holds you back? All you need is a holiday package and a Dubai visa to make memories to last a lifetime.

    An essential part of any culture is, food. When in Dubai, you can enjoy the food of Dubai and take in their culture but if you grow homesick, there is always a way out in Dubai. It has taken care of its own culture and the culture of the world. At no point will you feel that you’re losing out on anything. If your mood says Chinese food, Dubai has it. If your mood says Italian food, Dubai has it. It manages to shine bright with all the glory it holds and in all humility takes upon itself to make each one feel at home.

    As much as there is variety in the world of food, there are food preferences too. People sometimes get too picky about their food, while some have religious teachings to follow, there are some that get a little too conscious to try anything new. But who’s complaining? Nobody, because Dubai takes care of it all. Often, Jain people find it difficult when they visit a foreign land. To save you the trouble, Dubai has made provisions for the same. There are vegetarian restaurants all over Dubai that have special Jain menus. For the times that you need Jain food and don’t know where to look, here are some restaurants that offer Jain food as part of their normal menu.

    Sai Dham Restaurant

    Jain Food in Dubai

    Located at Oud Metha, 17a Street, 8, Dubai, Sai Dham Restaurant, serves pure veg food. They have Jain thali in their menu and are known for their healthy cooking. It’s the kind of place that you’re looking for. It takes care of your food preferences and your health. It’s a must go place, with the kind of appreciation it has managed to garner, and the healthy mantra they’ve adopted, they definitely climb the charts of favourites.

    Govindha Restaurant

    Jain Food in Dubai

    They serve pure vegetarian food, and dismantle the myth that veg food is boring. Their food is undoubtedly mouth-watering but at the same time it is also very healthy. Their menu will tempt you to the point that you wished you had a bigger tummy. They also serve Jain food, just that you have to mention it while ordering, and your platter of happiness will come dressed in exotic aromas, perfectly set for you to devour. This restaurant is located in Al Karama, behind Regent Palace Hotel, opposite Bur Juman Centre, Street 4A.

    Apart from these, most of the vegetarian restaurants do have a Jain menu included. They make sure that you are served authentic Jain food, and they have Jain cooks to make sure nothing is done wrong. Food being one of the main concerns, it limits your options when it comes to touring. With Dubai, you’re sorted.

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