We Bet You Didn't Know This - The Secret Behind Christmas Carols

  • Christmas Carols

    Christmas is almost here, and so is the fun and happiness that accompanies it. You can almost feel the optimism in the air. If you’re waking up every morning with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart, Christmas could very well be the reason. To accompany this festive cheer, nothing works better than music. And that’s why we have Christmas Carols. But before you go around town humming your favourite carol tunes you might want to know where they originate from. So here’s some carol history for you. Trust me, these places are so beautiful, you’ll be itching to book an air ticket there by the end of it.

    1. Christmas Carols

    This carol that many of us have often times hummed is welsh in origin. To be more precise, the melody is welsh and originated in the 16th century where as the English lyrics are a recent 19th century addition. Wales is a beautiful little country situated in Great Britain. It’s bordered by the Irish sea to its north and west, and the Bristol channel to its south. A country of beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches, you’ll feel relaxed and at home here, amidst breath taking nature.

    2. Christmas Carols

    Noel which stands for Christmas in early modern English, is a carol of Cornish origins. Cornwall is another country situated in the United Kingdom surrounded by water bodies on three sides. The culture and history of Cornwall dates as far back as the pre-Roman times. Beaches, moorlands, towering cliffs and an over all aura of mystery and history makes this a great place to explore.

    3. Christmas Carols

    This one is slightly unusual. While most of the carols originated in Europe or England this one was in Puerto Rico. This revelation shouldn’t have come as much of a shock since Feliz Navidad is essentially a Spanish carol. From spice, culture, beaches to tropical weather, Puerto Rico is definitely a place you need to be visiting. Especially if you have a party animal hidden within you.

    4. Christmas Carols

    This popular carol that’s often associated with Christmas finds its origins in the great land of America. Published in the autumn of 1857, this carol was considered too racy to be sung by a children’s church choir. How far that fact is true is often debated, but none the less it makes for an interesting tit-bit. Well, what can be said about America that hasn’t already been said. A vast country with so many treasures, you’d easily spend months travelling and exploring its countryside.

    5. Christmas Carols

    Now this Scottish carol has a slightly unusual origin story. This was originally written by the famous Scots poet Robert Burns as a poem, and was set to the tune of a traditional folk song. Scotland is a country that can make you fall in love with it from the moment you set foot. From Scottish highlands, castles, rugged landscapes, to bustling city squares, each trying to out do the other in terms of beauty. There’s never a dull moment here.

    Author : Sanjana Sule