5 Most extraordinary Parliament buildings around the world

  • Parliament buildings

    The Parliament buildings all around the world epitomize and upholds the institution of Democracy. An august Parliament building embodies the key principles of a country that become the cornerstone of governance for the administrative machinery of that very nation.

    A Parliament building is a gigantic structure and commands utmost respect from everyone. Countries invest ample time and efforts to conceive and construct the design of this structure. Meanwhile each Parliament building, inevitably also reflects the fundamental architectural inclinations of the country. Here is a list of 5 most beautiful Parliament buildings that you ought to take a look upon your next holiday here.

    1. New Zealand

    Parliament of New Zealand

    The Parliament of New Zealand was the result of the New Zealand Constitution Act 1852. With its unicameral legislature, the Parliament of New Zealand is officially know as the "General Assembly", although it is mostly referred to as the Parliament.

    2. The Netherlands

    Parliament of The Netherlands

    The Parliament of The Netherlands is known as “The States General”. It has bicameral legislature, which are the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    3. Germany

    Parliament of Germany

    Germany has set itself, over the years, as an exemplary democratic nation. Its Parliament is known as the 'Bundestag'. It is presided by the President, a position which is on par with that of a Speaker of the Parliament in other countries such as India.

    4. Hungary

    Parliament of Hungary

    The Hungarian Parliament Building in English translates to ‘House of the Country’ or ‘House of the Nation’. It is also known as the Parliament of Budapest on account of the location of the building. Interestingly, it is the largest building in Hungary.

    5. Romania

    Parliament of Romania

    The Parliament of Romania was founded in the year 1862. It is the national legislature of Romania and it comprises of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

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