10 Impressively unique bars in the world

  • Rock Bar, BaliRemember walking into a bar and yeah, that’s about it? Nothing after that? Well, here is a list of bars that you’d walk into, but definitely not want to forget your experience. Because every restaurant that you go in, promises you an experience that creates a special mark in the depths of your memory.

    Rock Bar, Bali

    Manifesting unparalleled views from 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, Rock Bar hangs over a dramatic cliff. Perched atop imposing rock formations, Rock Bar Bali is one of the world's most popular sunset and entertainment venues. With a glamorous sunset vibe and an enticing after-dark ambience, Rock Bar Bali is a must-visit place for all the nature and party lovers.

    The Northern Lights Bar, Iceland

    Nothern lights bar, icelandWith the boundless sky as the canvas and Mother Nature herself donning the role of an artist, the Northern Lights seem like an unparalleled piece of nature’s beautiful creation. Drink and cheer to the musical dance of nature as the aurora puts up a brilliant show in the sky. How about this - a shot for every time you spot the Northern Lights? Up above the world so ‘high’, like a dancing lady in the sky!

    Madame Claude, Germany

    Madame Claude, GermanyRemember the time you were drunk and you thought that your world was upside down? Cheers and welcome to Madame Claude in Berlin. This bar is very untypical with its interior hanging on the wall upside down. Live music, DJ and a whole range of drinks to choose from, this place is sure to turn your world upside down.

    Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, Minneapolis, USA

    Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den - Minneapolis, USARemember the really cool zombie movie Shaun of the Dead? Well, this bar in Minneapolis draws its inspiration from it. Wine and dine with the undead! The décor has zombie heads mounted on the wall, with the occasional skulls lying around. The bartenders and servers are dressed like Shaun from the movie, white shirt and a red tie, oh and did I mention, with splashes of blood!

    Safe House, Milwaukee, USA

    Safe House, Milwaukee, USASherlocked for life? We have just the right place for you. Safe House is a place where you are definitely not safe if you can’t crack open their secret code. A bar themed completely on mysteries, it is definitely the place if you love playing the detective. For starters, you must crack the password to get in, otherwise, you won’t get any entry.

    The Ice Bar, Quebec, Canada

    The Ice Bar, Quebec, CanadaRebuilt every year, this bar is one of the finest bars in the world. Open from January to March, to you sip on some hot drinks in the coolest places. It also has a gift shop, Arctic spas and saunas, and a gigantic ice slide to keep you entertained. Every item here, right from the glass you drink in and the chair you sit on, is sculpted from ice and snow.

    Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

    Alux Caverna Lounge, MexicoThe largest bar cave in the world, this 18,000-year-old cave doubles up as a bar cum restaurant. If you are a lover of experiences, you are sure to be spellbound by this one. Inside a prehistoric cavern, there hide secrets and legends, that will be your guests for the night while you chill with them.

    UFO Revolving Restaurant, Mumbai, India

    UFO Revolving Restaurant, Mumbai, IndiaIf thou art a fan of aliens and spaceship, then this is the place for you. This place is themed to look like a spaceship and the best part about this is that it actually revolves like while you dine, giving you the feel of being caught in an entirely new dimension.

    Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

    Bicyle bar, RomaniaThis unique place is situated in Bucharest is definitely one of most intriguing places on the list. While the whole world talks about environment-friendly living, it actually takes it to another level. The entire restaurant is made out of bicycle parts. Even the chairs you sit in are bicycle seats. How cool is that, isn’t it?

    Hemingway’s Lounge, California, USA

    Hemingway’s Lounge, Hollywood, CaliforniaHow about binge drinking ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ or ‘The Sun Also Rises’? For all the literature loving folks, Hemmingway themed bar is not just a concept, but a reality. Meeting like-minded folks, reading good ol’ literature by this Nobel laureate and drinking the Hemmingway-way is what life here looks like.

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    Author: Winnie Karnik