What Not To Do during a US visa interview

  • US visa interview

    You might have heard that getting a US visa is one of the most difficult tasks in the world! And the hardest part in the process is clearing the visa interview.

    Take a look at the things that you must Not Do while you’re there at the U.S Consulate for the interview. So that you crack the visa interview confidently like a pro!

    1. Do not arrive very early on the day of your interview. 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment is good enough. Also, keep in mind that if you’re late by more than 30 minutes, you won’t be allowed to attend the interview.

    2. Do not carry a bag, purse, luggage, mobile phone, any electronic gadgets, liquids, food items, sharp objects, weapons and bottles. You won’t be allowed to enter with any of the above mentioned items inside the U.S Consulate. Only, carry your visa related documents and passport to the Consulate.

    3. Do not take your friends or relatives to accompany you at the U.S Consulate. They won’t be permitted inside the Consulate. Only applicants and in the case of minors, the parents of minor applicants are permitted inside the Consulate.

    4. After you reach the U.S Consulate, clear the security check. Don’t push sealed envelopes or folders through the counter window. Only, deposit your passport and visa documents at the counter window. A token number will be given to you, enter the interview booth only when your name and token number are announced.

    5. Dress appropriately; do not wear unclean or unironed clothes for your visa interview. Wear presentable clothes, preferably formals.

    6. Do not panic. Even, if you aren’t able to get the question, politely ask the Consular Officer to repeat the question.

    7. If you’re travelling for tourism purpose, make sure that you know all the places, you’re planning to visit. The Consular Officer should be convinced that you’re qualified for the visa category, you’re applying for. Don’t be nervous; maintain a confident body language.

    8. Never present forged/ fake documents to the Consular Officer. You’ll become permanent ineligible for a US visa.

    9. Do not conceal any information; answer the questions honestly to the Consular Officer.

    10. Do not push supporting documents in front of the Consular Officer; present only when the Consular Officer asks for.

    11. Do not be rude to the Consular Officer. At all times, maintain your calm.

    12. Do not pay any fees except to the cashier inside the Consulate.

    13. Finally, if the decision isn’t in your favour and your visa is rejected, do not make any bad comments. If you display any inappropriate behaviour, the Consular Officer will make a note of it and add remarks in your file, that will be visible to the next officer, which will negatively impact your future visa applications.

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    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur