5 Unbelievable honeymoon destinations under 60,000 INR

  • 5 Best honeymoon destinations

    A dreamlike honeymoon is what all of us desire, whether we admit it in public or not. But often, it is the fear of incurring an exorbitant expenditure that holds us back from taking the bold step. To help you out, here is a list of some amazing places where you can celebrate your togetherness within a budget of 60,000 INR. So what are you waiting for, book your holiday package!

    1. Nepal - 55,800 INR


    Located close to India, all you need to celebrate your honeymoon in Nepal, are packed bags and an affordable budget of 55,800 INR. With a week’s time at hand and your life partner by your side, you can experience Nepal in its entirety. A breakfast at Patan, a casual afternoon stroll at Durbar Square, followed by a romantic evening spent on the banks of Baghmati river and a joyful night at Kathmandu are all that one requires to make it romantic for the beloved.

    2. Thailand - 55,400 INR


    One of the most coveted honeymoon destinations, Thailand is also a favourite with the celebrities! But don’t worry, with a budget of 55,400 INR, even you can have it without experiencing any financial crunch. Beaches that are unspoilt, breathtaking and picturesque, are all here awaiting your arrival. Travel through the winding trails of this tropical country extensively to make this trip possibly the most memorable week of your life.

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 55,400

    3. Sri Lanka - 38,700 INR

    Sri Lanka

    Just a few hours by flight, and the two of you have reached the cradle of green tranquility. This is Sri Lanka - merging nature, history, architecture and modernism into a single unit. And all you are required to spend to experience this beauty, is a mere 38,700 INR, and yes this is not a joke! Give her this special trip, tailoring everything to her choice and comfort, and leave her with a indelible memory for life.

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 38,700

    4. Muscat - 50,700 INR


    A honeymoon trip to this royal country will put even the charms of a big and fat wedding behind. Muscat with all its glory - palaces, heritage buildings, splendid food, wildlife and abundant green will make your trip worth the money spent! And all you have to spend is just 50,700 INR! Moreover, moments spent by the waves in the evening, will lend a special touch to the beginning of the new chapter of your lives.

    5. Cambodia - 41,800 INR


    Make it the most memorable time for her by celebrating your honeymoon in Cambodia for just 41,800 INR! One of the yet-to-be-explored zones of the world, Cambodia with its magnetic aura, makes one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Whether its the world heritage site of Angkor Wat or the capital city of Phnom Penh or the royal palace, Cambodia has everything to enchant you.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra