9 Ultimate Tips On How Not-To-Get Thrown Out Of A Music Festival

  • Zoukout, Singapore

    As the much cooler, and much loved time of the year approaches, along with it come the seasons of music festivals; almost all over the world that drown the whines and complaints of teenagers and youths collectively and make the world a happier place. Wondering which festival is on right now? Well, let’s put it this way – while you’re sipping on your favourite shake or cuppa of mocca, you’re losing out on probably what can be said as the best time of the year for the music lover within you- the one that’s hidden beneath all those layers of corporate persona or even the simple jeans and tee person you might be right now. At this very instant, a really popular band maybe playing your favourite track to a select posse of music lovers and devoted listeners. Feeling the butterflies while you read this? Well you can be in that select posse too. Just book your air ticket and get there in a jiffy.

    And while you’re weaving your dreams to get to that concert away from the city, we suggest you read this. We call it “The Ultimate Survival guide to Music Festivals”

    1. Do not make to-do’s - Frankly people; you’re at a music festival- not a kindergarten school where you’ve got to list out everything you do before hand, just so that you don’t miss the freebie given at the end of the day. Let go!

    Do not carry heavy suitcases to music festivals

    2. Drag heavy suitcases: After you have dealt with hordes of people who would kill to be in your place, after undertaking that tiring journey to the other side of town where the music festival is held, people around you are anyways going to mutter curses under their breath against you if you take too much time moving from point A to Point B, courtesy : your heavier than heavy suitcases. Hold an intervention and ask thyself ‘is that bag worth it?’. Simple.

    3. People on shoulders: What’s worse than the person who pushed you, so that he could get to the front of the line? Answer: The same person on someone else’s shoulders, with his backside in front of your face.

    Do not shoot live performances on your cell phones

    4. For your eyes only: Yup. Filming in any form,on any breed of technology- with the god father being the big bad apple iPad is plain annoying, to all those behind you.

    5. Beware of Dogs.. : Even if a Chihuahua is cute when you carry it in your lil tote bag, hoisting it above your head for it to see the stage, makes me want to rethink my pet choices.

    Beware of Kids

    6. .. And Kids: The difference between a full grown human who is at the music festival and a 1 year old is that – the human can walk, he can talk, he can appreciate music, he can cry (but not publicly) at different intervals. A baby does all those things too, but altogether!

    7. Don’t mess with the gatekeepers: Ever saw any of those thick moustache men who take up most of the space near the stage? As much as you’d like to take their place, and be closer to the stage- what they do is no piece of joke or cake (or both). Why? Imagine having a multitude of sweaty bodies close to you (aftereffects of not having a bath for 3 days), and pushing you one way and the next, women using their fingernails just so that they can claw at their favourite musician cum diety- in a different scenario, this all might seem very very desirable. Not in a musical festival where things might turn nasty. Very nasty.

    Eat, listen, repeat

    8. Eat, listen, repeat: While listening to your favorite bands taking you on a whole new journey of obtaining nirvana, please remind your human form to eat something and while you’re at it, drink a whole lot of water too. You can thank us later for this survival tip!

    9. Chill out : Despite the sweat ,the tears, the physical wounds you may have at the end- remind yourself that its all in good spirit – in the spirit of music.

    Author : Roshal Mascarenhas