An archaeological tour of Greece

February 10, 2015

An archaeological tour of Greece

If you are wondering where to go for a vacation, then Greece is certainly an excellent holiday destination. Being one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Greece is a country rich in ancient history, pristine beaches, ancient islands and many historical sites. Greece draws a lot of visitors from around the world because of its overwhelming culture and landscape. It is said that there is a lot to be learnt from the histories of other countries and if you are interested in being a master of history, then here are some of the places that you must discover in Greece.


Being one of the largest collection of monuments from the ancient world, Acropolis is located in the capital city of Athens. This grand masterpiece manages to stand in harmony with it's unique natural setting. From any point within Athens, you will get to see the Acropolis standing high above the city. Among all the archaeological sites, the Acropolis is one historical site you cannot afford to miss. No wonder it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the most important ancient monument in the western world!

Monastery of Saint John the Theologian

Founded in 1,088 AD, this is another monastery listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the famous dwelling place of the biblical figure - St John and so named after him. With beautiful exteriors the monastery consists of interconnecting courtyards, chapels, stairways, arcades, galleries and roof terraces. The main chapel is lovely along with the Treasury that has an impressive array of religious art and treasures. Due to its architectural brilliance, this monastery stands as one of the most visited monuments in Greece.

Sanctuary of Asklepios

Built back in the 4th century BC, the Sanctuary Aofsclepius is a monolithic amphitheatre located in the heart of the city of Epidaurus. The amphitheatre could seat 6,000 people at a time and is the best preserved theatre in Greece that is still in use today. Known for its amazing acoustics, it allows the performers to be audible to the audience without the use of any modern amplification.


Its name stands by the literal meaning ‘Suspended in the Air’. Meteora is one of the top visited tourist locations in Greece. It is said that, being in Meteora feels like being on a completely different planet. What makes this place even more spectacular is the rock pillars shooting up into the sky.

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

Constructed in the 14th century by the Knights of Saint John, this is a massive tower with more than 150 rooms that crown the top of the Street of Knights. This magnificent building has a huge collection of antique furniture, sculptures and carpets. Artworks adorn the interiors including a permanent exhibition devoted to the creation of ancient Rhodes. This palace still remains among the highest visited tourist spots in the world.