Essential Singapore Tips From Arrival To Departure

  • Essential Singapore Tips From Arrival To Departure

    Immigration Process:

    All visitors to Singapore must return a departure card (which you will receive while entering Singapore at the Immigration control) at Immigration control when leaving Singapore. Don’t lose this document as that will result in loads of paperwork. Keep it safe and present it later at the time of departure. Once the documents are sorted, nothing else will come in the way. So just make the best of your times with the best Singapore tour packages we have for you.

    Dialling Code:


    Local SIM:

    You can buy ‘Preferred Tourist Prepaid Card’ designed for visitors touring Singapore for short-term. Charged at SGD 15, this card is loaded with talk-time, free limited SMS, free limited data usage and can be recharged. All you require is to produce your passport at the time of buying the SIM card.

    Emergency phone numbers:

    999 – Police

    995 – Ambulance & Fire

    1800 7362 000 - Tourism Information

    1800 542 4422 - Airport flight information


    The health care in Singapore is world-class and expensive. Hence it’s recommend that travellers buy travel insurance for their Singapore holiday. Also, try to avoid poorly cooked food, stale food and be precautious before having seafood.


    Most hotels and restaurants levy 10% service charge and thus there is no compulsion of tipping in Singapore. Tipping is not a way of life in Singapore; however it is appreciated for excellent service.


    Singapore is considered as one of the safest countries to travel in the world. However, the travellers should take precautions like not flashing their jewelleries at night time, avoid carrying heavy cash and passport while shopping and not visiting quiet areas during odd hours.

    Local rules to follow:

    The citizens of Singapore are very law-abiding and thus travellers should also follow the same. For instance, there are fines issued for just about any offence in Singapore, including SGD 50 for jaywalking (pedestrians crossing the road without following the traffic), SGD 1000 for littering and SGD 500 for eating, drinking or chewing gum on the MRT. In fact, there are even fines for not flushing public toilets so it goes without saying that getting involved in illegal drugs in not advisable, trafficking carries a maximum penalty of death. Smoking is banned in all air-conditioned places, as well as within 5 metres from any building entrance. Violation of smoking laws can incur a maximum fine of SGD 1,000.

    Author : Sanjana Sule