Happiness Is - Dolphin Island Singapore

December 2, 2015

Happiness Is - Dolphin Island Singapore

Have you ever experienced true happiness? Simple, unbridled joy that knows no bounds. What if I were to tell you, this happiness can come from Dolphins? Intrigued right? The Resorts World at Sentosa Singapore, is a cocoon that curates all things fun and entertaining, enclosing a world that is at once thrilling and happy. Amongst all these options that’ll spoil you for choice, there is one that undoubtedly steals the crown, the Dolphin Islands. So if you’re looking for an excuse to get a Singapore visa, this one is a pretty good one.

Dolphins, while being fishes-are mammals, which means temperamentally, they’re a lot more similar to you and me than they are to the rest of their fish brethren. Like us they too are social animals, needing love and petting from their human trainers. For this, every day, an hour is specially reserved, where the trainers simply spend time with the Dolphins, petting them, loving and showering them with attention. Picture taking care of a 2 year old baby - cute beings that require care and love, that’s exactly how it’s like with Dolphins.

Happiness Is - Dolphin Island Singapore

As you enter the Dolphin Island, the sounds of your footsteps reverberate, evoking a response from the dolphins as they jump up, do a flip and disappear in the water again. You’re then greeted by a trainer, and after a quick round of introductions it’s time to suit up and step in the water.

Suit up: This involves wearing a wet suit over your swimming costume.

You’re divided into groups, each helmed by a trainer. Your real journey begins as you step in the cold pool. That’s where you meet your Dolphins. The one I had a pleasure making acquaintances with was called Rui Rui. Yup, they all have a unique name they respond to. Once again, just like us.

Once the command is given you step forward with your arms outstretched. The Dolphins are well trained and all you have to do is hold still as they swim through, wiggling under your palms, giving you a feel of their back and belly.

Touching a Dolphin: Their skin is slightly warm and feels like a hard boiled egg under the tap.

After that it’s all fun and games. The Dolphins are super talented and show off their speed and skills. They breathe through a small nozzel on their head, which means they can stay under water for approx 10 mins. Encourage the Dolphins as they swim across the pool, do flips in the air and even swim across on their tail fins. You encourage them, they’ll entertain you, that’s the deal.

Happiness Is - Dolphin Island Singapore

You’ll even get a chance to play ball with them, and fetch the hoola ring. Let me tell you, they’re really good at it and make for an amazing catch partner. But the best moment is when you get to dance with them. You have to hold their fins and just sway with them. Trust me you’ll never find a more skilled and handsome/beautiful dancing partner.

While you thinking dancing with the Dolphins would be the highlight of your day, wait for it, it gets better. This one definitely, (I promise) is the highlight of your day, when the Dolphin kisses you!

Happiness Is - Dolphin Island Singapore

Yes you read that right. As you step in front, the Dolphin comes ahead, all you have to do is a place a hand on top of its head and one under its belly and lean forward. The Dolphin will do the rest. He’ll plant a sweet little kiss on your cheek and you won’t be able to help but smile wide, exposing all your teeth. Of course, there’s a photographer who’ll capture this cute moment. Trust me, there’s nothing better than a Dolphin’s kiss to make you feel loved and appreciated. If you want, you can even plant one on the Dolphin.

Half an hour of uninterrupted happiness, that’s what the Dolphin Island promises and yes delivers. A place where anyone and everyone enjoys. Irrespective of if you’re alone, with your family, or with the love of your life, you’re going to have one of the best and most memorable times of your life.

Don’t believe it? Experience it for yourself and then, let me know.

Author : Sanjana Sule