Musafir Follows Modi - Abu Dhabi

  • Modi in UAE

    UAE, a country located in the Arabian peninsula is a federation of seven emirates, each with its own unique brand of Arabian culture. The Sex and the City girls aren’t the only ones who can boast of an adventure in Abu Dhabi, as Modi’s sojourn has already become the talk of the town when he visited Abu Dhabi earlier this year. You don’t need an itinerary anymore, all you have to do is trace Modi’s footsteps and you’re bound to have an entertaining vacation. Abu Dhabi is a short getaway from Dubai, about 2 hours away. So book your air tickets, pack your bags and start travelling.

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    Modi in UAE

    If there was ever a symbol of beauty in Abu Dhabi, it would be the Sheikh Zayed mosque, and our Prime Minister knows this, as he began his trip with a visit to the Grand Mosque. A fine example of Islamic architecture, the mosque houses seven crystal chandeliers. The main prayer hall is covered with a Persian carpet; considered to be one of the largest carpets ever made, its touch is so soft, it’ll give you the illusion of walking on feathers. Of its beauty Modi has to say, “It brings together exquisite skills and creations from around the world, and serves as a fine example of human achievement and unity.”

    Ferrari World


    Modi’s in UAE only for two days, which means he is hard pressed for time. Moreover, he’s on a business trip, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have time to visit the Ferrari World. But if you’re following his footsteps, you might want to a take a detour to this indoor theme park. With interesting rides, and shows, you’re going to have an entertaining time. People who crave an adrenaline rush, a visit to the Ferrari world is a must, as it boasts of the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa. Covering a length of 2070 m, the entire ride gets over in under 2 minutes. Need we say more?


    Modi in UAE

    What trip is complete without food? The answer is none. The renowned Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor has been flown down to Abu Dhabi, ensuring that Modi gets his share of tasty cuisine, even if he has reservations about the local food. But if you don’t share those reservations with our P.M, then Abu Dhabi has gastronomical adventures in store for you. Delicious kebabs with humus is a must try. Their Biryanis are nothing like you’ve ever tasted before and will leave you licking your fingers. Not just traditional Arabic cuisine, you can even find international dishes as well. Doesn’t this look like a food lover’s paradise?

    Yas Island

    Not privy to his travel plans, we can only speculate of the places Modi might visit. But we sure hope he gets a chance to visit the Yas Islands, because even hard working politicians deserve some fun time. Yas Islands is where Ferrari World is located and it is also the place where the Yas Waterworld is. Not just that, it even has many restaurants and cafes. So in short, Yas Island, is an island of fun and entertainment. Did we mention it even has a beach?

    Here’s to hoping Modi visits many more interesting countries and places, so that we get an opportunity to travel with him. An ideal travel role model, Modi inspires the traveller within us all.

    Author : Sanjana Sule